Saturday, August 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Barbara!!!!

Well today marks the 82nd birthday of my dear, sweet Mother in law, Barbara. Last Saturday Rick, Ali and the kiddos and Gary and I went over for a little visit. It had been a while since she had seen the babies and with Zach crawling, she needed to see that for herself.
Last year around her birthday we took a picture of her with the great grandkids, so I thought it would be fun to take some again....well Erick had a different idea. As you can see, he was sooooo tired and NOT in the mood for Grandma's camera.
Happy Birthday Barbara. We love you!!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Snowball Express Fun....

Rick works at the John Wayne Airport, and on Saturday American Airlines put on a really fun day for the kids whose parents have died fighting in Iraq....they called it Snowball Express. They invited all those that work at the airport and their families to join in on the fun. I was so impressed with all they did to make it a fun day for those families who have sacrificed so much for all of us. As you can see there were pony rides for the kids. Haylee and Erick both just loved it.
Look at that smile on Erick's face.....OMGosh he is so stinkin happy. He said it was like being Woody on Toy Story 2. What a funny kid.
They had a bounce house with a slide. You can see Hayden and Haylee inside on this picture. The kids probably spent the majority of their time inside the bounce house.
There was a helicopter there that they got to sit inside of.
And there was face painting. Just about everyone there had there face painted in some way. Haylee wanted a pink pony and didn't want it on her face, so she put it on her arm and we talked her into getting a pink heart on her face. Can you tell her favorite color is pink?
Here she is getting it painted on.
This was Erick the whole time we were around the clowns that were painting the faces. He was scared of the clowns.
Little Zach trying to get his hands on that watermelon. He loves watermelon Ali said.
There was tons of food there and it was all you could eat for free.
This is Hayden with the clown "Scribbles" who painted most of our faces. She was a really nice lady. She was from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. She works for American Airlines during the day and is a clown on the weekends. She said when they asked her to fly down for this event, she was more than happy to do it. She said she volunteers at the Children's Hospital close by her and paints the kids faces who are terminally ill. What a big heart she had.....and so stinkin funny.
Hayden as a monster.
Ali and Zach got their faces painted too. When Scribbles was painting Zach's face, there were so many people that gathered around to watch him. He was so chill and just sat there and let her do it. He was the hit of the day. Everyone just couldn't get enough of little Zach that day.
Scribbles gave him a mirror to look at his face, all he wanted to do was look at her.
The cutest Tiger I have ever seen.

Zach just kept wanting to stare at Hayden's face. He still knew it was Hayden though.
I even got my face painted. I told her to just do whatever.....oh my....she sure did. If I had known what she was going to do, I think I would have just passed. It was a little bit more than I was comfortable with. In case you can't tell, I'm a peacock. I couldn't wait to get to it with the baby wipes.....Thanks anyways Scribbles. :D
Just before we left Haylee also got a pink pony balloon, and a pink heart balloon. I told you the girl likes pink.
Afterwards we went to Heather's place and went swimming.
I think Zach is part fish, because he LOVES the water.
At one point Erick grabbed his chair and decided he just wanted to watch.
Little Zach's shriveled up feet from the water.
Then we went up to her place and Rick and I played Wii Bowling. I had never played before. This was Zach watching us play. Just chillin.
It was a really fun day. I hope the families that were there had as much fun as we did. Thanks for taking me along Rick!!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

I love living close to Disneyland....

Yesterday Rick, Heather and Trevor all had the day off work. Ironically enough, we all have passes to Disneyland too. Since the weather has been so much cooler lately, we decided it would be a perfect day to spend together at Disneyland. I have to day that Disneyland is fun, but SOOOOO much better with the little ones. Luckily Heather grabbed her camera, and she got some cute shots of the kiddos. Haylee all wet after we went on the River Ride. Last month when Trevor and I went on my birthday, due to the long wait on their part to get my pass in order, we got 3 passes to just walk to the front of the line .... no waiting.... the only way to go I must say....ha ha ha So, we used it on this ride which was a 45 minute wait. It was great. We felt like V.I.P. ha ha ha
Zach keeping an eye on his Aunt Heather.....literally. :D
Heather got some great shots of the babies together.
Loved this one. My favorite of the day.
While we went on the River Ride, Trevor stayed and watched Zach and Erick. He took them to Brother Bear which is right by the River Ride. Erick was in heaven. He was running all over the place just going from place to place. He loved it in there.

Erick coming out of one of the slides in Brother Bear.
We went on King Triton's carousel. Erick didn't really want to do it, but when everyone else got on he really had no choice. Zach even rode one of the "fishes".
He wasn't too sure for a minute there.
Such a big boy.
Making sure Grandma is still close by.
When the ride started, Erick looked at me and said, "This ride is kinda fun huh Grandma?" It was cute.

Hayden has been waiting to be tall enough to ride Maliboomer. It shoots you up high and fast. Well, he is finally tall enough and got to ride it for the first time. Heather got some great shots of him. This one is just as it is shooting us up. The look on his face is priceless.
Just look at the anticipation on his face in this picture. He's so stinkin cute.
Wait for it....wait for it.....wait for it.....
He is so happy and so excited. He loved it!!!!!
We really did have a great time together. I can't think of a better way to bring my summer to an end.

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Well it would seem as though I am going to be a grandma again.

WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!

I came home yesterday and Jeff and Nicole were at the house. We were all a buzz about all the Big Brother drama with Chima....{a silly show we are addicted to right now}. The kids told me there was more news on to go to the computer and check it out. As I walk over to the computer, this is the picture on my screensaver. At first I'm thinking I've seen a picture like this with Rick and Ali. Then, it dawns on me, wait a minute, this isn't Rick and Ali, this is Jeff and Nicole. I turned around to ask them if this picture means what I think it means, and they are grinning from ear to ear.

We just couldn't be happier at our house.

Congratulations Jeff and Nicole. Your life is just going to get better from here on out.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Daddy's little helper....

Trevor and I were able to go visit Wildomar yesterday and play with the kiddos. As you can see here, Erick is helping his daddy mow the lawn. That's right Rick, teach him young. After yardwork was done. Off we went to go pick up the kiddos new playhouse. How cute is this little playhouse? Ali found this on Craig's list for very cheap. It even has screens on the windows, curtains for the windows, and a doorbell. I also couldn't get a good shot of the weathervane on the roof. It really was a great score on Ali's part.

How cute is little Zach peeking his head up over the door? I think the kids are going to have lots of fun with their new playhouse. They sure look excited....Wow! Hayden sure is getting tall isn't he????

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A funfilled Saturday

This past Saturday was a busy, fun day. It started out with swimming over at Heather's new place. It was a huge swimming pool, and the kids just had a blast. Haylee has absolutely no fear. That girl would just jump off the edge of the pool backwards and do a flip. Hayden was not quite as crazy, but decided he wanted to give it a shot. Here they both are just before the big jump.
Little Zach loves the water too. He just chills in there. So sweet to watch.
Erick also had no fear. I love this picture I got of him jumping into the pool. He just jumped in expecting either Heather or Trevor to be there to get him....crazy child. : Zach is having a snack break here. So macho just sitting in his lounge chair.
What a sweet smile.
Brothers bonding.

I captured a brief moment of stillness on Erick's part. That boy didn't stop the whole time we were there.
Later we came back to Grandma's house. Zach is starting to scoot. He gets up on all fours too. It is so stinking cute watching him do this. I tried and tried to get these pictures of him on his fours. He made it very difficult, he would see me with the camera and turn to face me. While I love his cute little face, it was his sideview I wanted for these pictures. I finally was able to get some good ones.
Thinking .....

This is my favorite shot of Zach that night. I love the look on his face. He has this little grin that looks like he's saying, "Look Grandma, one foot!". So adorable. I love this little guy.

I loved this pose of Erick's in the tub. He is just leanin on one arm while lying on his side, playing with his tub toys. Such a funny kid.
I totally posted these last few pictures backwards. Erick's bath came after we played Sorry. Here we are playing the Sorry game that Hayden just opened as a birthday present from Grandma and Grandpa.
Hayden loves to play board games. So, we decided to get him some of his own for his birthday. He loves to play Sorry, and he loves Spongebob. He gets the best of both worlds.
He kept telling me that he thought this present was a football. He seemed pleasantly surprised when it was Jenga instead.
Erick is so happy that it is present opening time.
We had a fun day/night. It's so nice to have Hayden back home again.
Just in case I have never mentioned it......I LOVE being a Grandma!!!!!!!!