Sunday, April 19, 2009

How do you spell fun? C H A O S

Yesterday Rick and Ali had a bunch of people over for the UFC fight. It was a lot of fun and tons of chaos. There was a total of 10 adults, 14 kids and a dog. The kids had so much fun running around and got kinda noisy, but they were having a blast. You can see Erick made a new friend. Erick and Penelope were so cute together. I love how they are holding hands in this picture. He has good taste, Penelope is adorable. The older boys got out the Halloween masks and decided it would be fun to scare the littler kids.
It worked.
Penelope tried to hide behind me.....although with that adorable smile on her face, she doesn't look too scared now does she????
This is where the little ones got to eat their dinner
The older kids grabbed the table and everyone ate and had a great feast. There was tons of good food to be eaten too.
Love this photo!!!!
Someone sat Zach down by grandpa while they went and dished up their food. He sat there and actually watched the was adorable....hmmmm.... wonder if he was taking notes for later....
Talk about segregation....this is where the men were most of the the living room watching the fight on the bigger TV.
Here we have the the kitchen....with the little ones....
And after everyone got tired of listening to the kids run around screaming, we rounded them up to watch a movie and calm down a little. Funny story: When I went upstairs to gather the kids to watch a movie. I said, "Let's all go watch Twilight". I thought, and totally expected, a NO WAY.....but to my utter astonishment, I got a YEAH, let's watch Twilight. So, here we have the kids watching Twilight.
Dallas had been staying with Rick and Ali since Thursday. Heather went to Vegas for Amy's 21st birthday and they babysat Dallas. So, Dallas had been there having an absolute blast with the kids since Thursday. When it was time to leave and load up all of Dallas' things, he saw me get my keys and came running. He wouldn't leave my side the whole time I was gathering his things. When I went outside to load the car he snuck out and ran into the car. He would NOT get out. It was pretty funny. He had so much fun with the kids, but he was missing his mommy. I snapped this picture of him looking at me when I asked him to get out of the car. He wasn't going to get out!!! So, since it was late and Dallas was already in the car, we headed home.
It was a fun night. Dallas slept the whole way home. When we got home he crashed!!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hoppy Easter Everyone

First off, I have to apologize for such a lousy picture.
Haylee was in a hurry to go give her creation to her Aunt Heather, so I had to take the picture quick.
We have a future scrapbooker in the making here.
Haylee is sooooo stinkin' cute. She has done this a few times now and I'm noticing how much she enjoys it, so I had to capture it on film. She will see a picture and go grab some paper and glue or tape and "scrapbook" it basically. It is so cute for such a young lady. She loves it and then can't wait to give her creation to whomever it was intended. Adorable!!
I just need to teach her about acid free Grandma will just have to get Haylee her own little scrapbooking supplies to play with while at Grandma's house. I love it.
We were lucky enough to have the kiddos over last night while Rick and Ali went out on a much needed date I'm sure. We had a great time. While they were here the "Easter Bunny" came and hid some eggs.
Erick's favorite color is green, so he got the green bag....notice he is also looking for the green eggs.
I was SO proud of Hayden. He is really growing up to be such a good boy. They were playing outside and I went out and told them that there were eggs hidden inside the house. I gave them their bags....yeah grandma went all out, bags instead of easter baskets....{grin}
I told Hayden and Haylee that if there was an egg on the floor to let Erick get it. He was SO good and made sure he got them all. Hayden only ended up with like 6 eggs out of 36, but he was very mature about it.
What a great big brother he is!!!!! Boy, does he have a surprise coming tonight....I'll most likely blog about that later.
Haylee reaching for her find.
I think they had fun. I counted the eggs after they found them. We were 3 short, so I told them to continue to hunt. They never did find the other 3 eggs missing. Funny thing.....I come out to the living room this morning to Dallas playing with an egg. Dallas found one of the hidden eggs. It was pretty cute. Even Dallas got to hunt for eggs on Easter.
May you all have a wonderful Easter Sunday, and remember what the true meaning of this holiday is really all about....Our Savior.
P.S. Happy Birthday is Jeff's 26th birthday today also. I don't think in his whole 26 years his birthday has ever fallen on Easter...interesting.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Some funny photos

I guess spelling isn't part of being a rocket scientist....whewww.
Wouldn't want that grass to get ruined now would we?
Hiring for what if the store is closing?
Don't drink and make signs either....
Loved this one.
Remain dead??? Really???
Feed those kids burritos mom.
While those signs were confusing, I am looking at those gas prices and dreaming.
Someone had a sense of humor.
Yeah, from the cops.
Decisions, decisions.
Those college kids probably had a hard decision to make.
And we wonder why there are car accidents.

Who needs a wedding planner?
Wonder if the octomom finally decided she couldn't do it.
Looks like UPS wins this round.
Maybe if dad knew how to spell arthimetic, the child wouldn't try gambling.
Can a car go 167 MPH?
Must be the dad who can't spell arthimetic, working for the city.

Sometimes it's a good idea to go ahead and change your last name.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Earthquake at our house...

.....Well that's how it feels at least.
They are tearing up curbs and driveways in our neighborhood, and today it's our turn....oh joy. So, they just asked us to park our cars out of our driveway for the next few days....okay we have four cars and live on a cul-de-sac...won't that be fun to find parking around here. So, this is what the front of my house will look like for the next few days. I hope they are done by next week when I have spring break. I don't want to be listening to jack hammers at 7:00a.m. when I can finally be sleeping in. waaa waaa waaa....listen to my whine....sorry.
Wow, I really need to get out there and do some yardwork...
Have a great day everyone....I'm done complaining now.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Northern California comes South

I liked this photo so much I put it in this post twice on accident. It is a cute photo though...don't you think?
Gary's sister Lori and her daughter Lexie came down from Rocklin California for her volleyball team. She's got a great team by the way, we were able to go watch her play one of her games....lots of So, we were able to introduce them to the newest Thompson family member, Zachary.
Lexie with the little peanut.
Heather gave our little Diva, I mean, Haylee a manicure. She got a lovely shade of pink for her fingernails, perfect color for spring.
Mr. Zach with his Aunt Amy.
Here we are again....Grandpa with the little guy. He is getting so big so fast....
Okay, now this is a picture I HAD to take. This is NOT something we see very often at our house....Amy washing the dishes. She even took it to the Susie Homemaker level and wore an apron....I love it.
Erick snuck out to the garage for a little jam session on grandpa's drums. He LOVES to must be in the blood.
A family photo.
Lori, Gary, Barbara{mom}, and Lexie.
Later, they went into the spa for a little relaxation. Doesn't Hayden look relaxed here???
The little guy was exhausted from all the lovin he got.
And Dallas slept like a baby too. He had a busy day. His dog friend from down the street came down to play with him, he had out of town visitors, and the kiddos all in one day. Too much fun for one little pup....
It was good to see Lori and Lexie. One of these days I'll have to throw Gary in the car and we will go visit them.