Saturday, October 31, 2009

Sex Cake Party Fun......

Talk about a fun way to spend the evening.....Jeff and Nicole got an ultrasound this morning. They took the results in a sealed envelope to her cousin who makes cakes, and she made them a cake to reveal if it was a boy or a girl. They wouldn't know the results until they cut the cake.....what a fun way to find out. We ALL were there and it was a BLAST!!!!
Pictures of us waiting for everyone to arrive so we could cut the cake.
Look at this cute little belly. Nicole is 18 weeks along....almost halfway there already.
I was soooooo excited this morning and wanted to play, so I made banners, one for each since we didnt' know what it would be. I had so much fun putting those together wondering which one it would actually be.
I also took snickers and wrapped them in blue and pink wrappers with ?? on them. Everyone took the color that they thought it might be.....
as you can see, most people guessed a girl.....were they right?
Everyone anxiously waiting for the "big cut".
It's a..... this is the cake before it was cut. Will it be pink, or will it be blue?????
There were actually two different cakes. The one that is the right sex of the baby is the one with the ...It's a...on it.
I absolutely LOVE the look on Nicole's face in this picture.
Before Jeff even finished cutting the cake he could already tell what it was.....can you see it on the knife????
Nicole is so happy.
This picture is priceless.....I LOVE the look on both of their faces....notice they are holding hands. This is just so precious. Thanks Heather for capturing such an important moment.

It's a Girl!!!!!!
Lucille Thompson is on her way.
The proud parents with their pink cake.

Jeff holding a boy. He will have to wait just a little bit longer for his own son.
Afterwards, we went outside and took some group pictures. Nicole's brother in law Justin had his horse head on and my mom loved it and wanted a photo. Such a silly Grandma. : )
I had to get a group photo of most of my boys.....poor Trevor couldn't get the night off of work. He was here in spirit.
Had to get a picture of the girls too. Justin joined us for some fun laughs.
Heather, Emily, and Amy.
Afterwards, we went to In-n-Out for some dinner.
What an adorable face.
What an amazing night we had. We are soooo excited for Jeff and Nicole.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

A funfilled Saturday ....

Look who came over to play at Grandma's house. I haven't been feeling very well most of the week. I got a text from Heather Saturday morning saying she was taking the kiddos to see "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs", and wanted to know if I wanted to go with them. Well, I really wanted to see the kiddos, but was worried about sitting through a movie and not feeling all that great. I decided these moments don't come around all the time, so I was going to suck it up....oh yeah, and share my's only fair, they share their's too. ha ha ha
It was a really cute movie, and even more fun to watch the kids....and Amy....giggle through the movie. After the movie they came over to play while they waited for Rick to get off work. Hayden's Grandma Kathy, who lives in Seattle, was in Santa Monica and wanted to visit. So, they got ready at our house and headed on up to Santa Monica. The boys built some tower thingy....yeah, that's my word for was fun to watch them play together....even Zach got into it.
Hayden was very proud of his creation thingy....and wanted me to take a picture of it. So, here is Hayden's, Erick's and Zach's masterpiece.
How cute is this little girl? I really don't think this one has an ounce of testosterone in her at all. She is ALL girl. Ali put hot rollers in her hair, and she loved it.....Have I ever mentioned how much I love this little girl????? She is so stinking cute.....I just love her.
And isn't she absolutely beautiful?????

I'm so glad we got to spend a fun Saturday together.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Flattery or frustration????

They say when someone copies you it is the best form of flattery right????
Well, I'm going to jump to conclusions and assume that Amy is flattering me and not just frustrated with me. ha ha ha For those of you who know me, know I love to make cards and scrapbook....I call it playing with paper...thus the name of my blog. Well, Amy asked me a few weeks ago to make her 2 cards. I would have normally been all over that, but lately my mojo is just not there....that happens every once in a while. I told her I would make the cards, and just dropped the ball and never got them made....I'm soooooo sorry Amy....I really am.
Well, Amy needed another card for a good friend. So, this is where I'm wondering if she was flattering me, by wanting to make cards too....(the copying part)....or just plain frustrated with me (because last time I dropped the ball) These pictures are of Amy at my desk making her card herself. I was VERY proud of her and her determination to make this card. She literally spent HOURS in there creating. (If you're reading this Dave you will see just how much time and love went into that card for you.) ; )
I love you Amy and am proud of the awesome card you created all on your own.
(You'll notice her Blackberry isn't very far away as she creates. That thing is always close by.....ha ha ha ha)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Yep....more pictures with the babies....

I was feeling very grandmotherly....ha ha ha...and made some chocolate chip cookies. These were my little cookie monsters. Erick and Haylee kept sneaking cookies before dinner. Grandma caught them and captured their "sneakiness" on camera. How can you get mad when they have such cute faces while they enjoy their dastardly deed????
How cute is little Erick in this picture? You can tell that Zach wasn't feeling very good in this picture. Poor little Zach has been sick all week. He was happy though for not feeling good. He is such a good baby. Rick and Ali sure got lucky with that one....but who knows what's ahead right???? ha ha ha

Who is this stranger in this picture with me???? Well, that's my brother Dwayne. He is down visiting from Minnesota. It was good to see him. He got to see little Zach for the first time. Unfortunately, they both weren't feeling their best. (Can I just say that my smile in this picture is just plain goofy.....oh well)

Another fun time together as a family. Can't wait to do it again.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

It's the little things in life that count....

Last Sunday was such a GREAT day!!!!!!!!!!!! We haven't been able to have Sunday dinners for a while because Rick's schedule had him working Sundays. Well, his schedule has changed again and he once again has Sundays off....Yippee!!!! We were lucky enough to have EVERYONE there too. It was just a wonderful day for me.
Erick and Haylee wanted to wear an apron like Grandma and be here helper, so they each got to pick one....(grandma has plenty). They were so excited that they were Grandma's helper that they wanted to take a picture of all of us in our aprons. Aren't they just adorable??? I love my little helpers.....and especially those great big smiles on their faces. At one point, Erick went into Grandpa's room and put on his work boots. It was just too cute to not get a picture of that.
The above picture is of Grandpa and the little bundles in the spa. This was Zachary's first time in the spa.....and he LOVED it. It was so cute to watch him splash the water. This is Grandpa's special time with the kiddos. He loves to go in the spa with the kids and just watch them have fun in there. (Erick had pink eye and as a result of everyone being in the water with him....they all got pink eye the next day....Grandpa said he would do it all again, it was so much fun.)

The picture below just makes me smile every time I see it. Let me set the stage for the picture here...I wasn't sure what to make and asked everyone what they wanted. I got a few different requests. So, I made 3 of them. We had homemade Lasagna, Chicken Enchiladas, and homemade Macaroni and Cheese. For dessert, I also made 2 different things. Haylee was my little helper remember, so when we went into the kitchen to serve dessert, she said, "Welcome to Best Friends Bakery." I thought that was so stinking cute. She helped Trevor and I serve the dessert and then she got down to business. She made her own menu for her "Best Friends Bakery". The picture is her menu.

She wanted to post it where everyone could see it from the dining room. I have this display of pictures with magnets facing the dining room, so that's where we put it. The thing I love the most is on the bottom of the picture frame it says, "Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things." Well that's how I feel about Haylee's sweet little menu, it's a little thing, but one day when she's all grown up and we look back on this day, it will be a big thing....just being together as a family is a big thing.
These sweet little moments with my family are the best.