Friday, January 29, 2010

Zach is "ONE"...where has the time gone????

It's hard to believe that little Zachary is already one years old. I remember Ali coming screaming out of the bathroom that she was pregnant....and now here we are almost 2 years later....crazy!!!
The kids had a birthday party for their friend Ethan Jones on Saturday and it was a Tai Kwan Do party....thus the headbands. Aren't they just so cute? I just love those little faces.....
What's a party without a few balloons?
The very happy smiling birthday half his birthday suit here.

Notice his little teeth in this picture with his mommy. Those teeth just make him so grown up. Him growing up is so bitter/sweet.
He is pretty much just walking now. Here he is strutting his stuff around the house. He was so proud of himself and what he could do.
I call Zach "little man" and so that's what I had put on the cake.....Little Man is 1.
Ali bought him this adorable birthday hat and he wanted no part of it.
Heather had to help him blow out the candles so mommy could get a picture. How cute is that smiling face????
So, we did the traditional ....put them in the highchair with a piece of cake to devour....well, Zach just very carefully dipped one finger in and licked off the devouring on his part at all.
Heather tried to encourage him by putting his face closer to the cake....that's where the blue icing got on his cheek....but nope....just the one finger scoop was all he was into.

Then, it was time for presents. I found these cute little cars that I got him, but didn't want to wrap them. So, I just stuck them down to the top of his presents. He saw the cars, ripped it off, and could have cared less about the presents....ha ha ha. He just wanted to play with his new cars.
So, the kids opened his presents for him. They didn't mind one bit.
You can see here that he isn't even interested in the opening process.
Until what's inside starts coming out. Then he wants to check it out. Ali said he loves to go into the library of the preschool and just sit and look at books. So, he got lots of fun new books to look at.....and feel.
Erick liked the toys too. We got him a see-n-say, and when you pull the lever sometimes it sings Old McDonald had a farm. When it does that, Zach will sit and do a little dance to it. It was the cutest thing. He really does love music too.
Trying to figure out how Erick got it to sing......I sure do love this little boy and just couldn't imagine life without him in it!!!!!
Happy Birthday to you sweet little Zachary. Grandma sure does love you!!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Cuteness Ahead.....

So, we went to Rick and Ali's again on Sunday. When we got there I went into the kitchen to put down my salad I brought.....and this is what I found..... Little Zachary looking for some yummies in the refrigerator. Obviously someone had it opened and then he crawled in there because he can't open it, but I thought it was pretty cute.
Hayden helping Ali make deviled eggs. What a sweetie.

Gary commented that life just doesn't get much better than this....

Emily went with us for some fun and lovin.
Heather getting her exercise in for the day.
I love those lips!!!!
Cute story: Zach's high chair was perfectly Dallas' height. Dallas of course, being a dog, went over to beg for food....Zach of course, being a sweetheart, shared his dinner with him.

Zach had to get in at least one bite. It was really cute to watch these two. They truly do love each other.

Dog pile on Uncle Trevor.
A twister burrito....
Haylee is in there somewhere.

Erick fell and cut his head open last week. These are his two staples he got as a result. We were calling him staple head most of the night.
I love this picture of me kissing Erick.

Zach just chillin with his toys.

We had another fun time together.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

2168 who do we appreciate????....Heather!!!!!!

We are SOOOOO proud of Heather. She ran her first half marathon today. She sprained her ankle last week and didn't think she would be able to run it. But....she has that stubborn streak she inherited from her mother and was determined to run it regardless.....and she made it!!!!!
Here we are waiting for her to come around the corner.....
Heather's number was "2168"....that's why the 2168 on the sign. How cute is Zach reading his book? I love this little boy.
Heather has been spotted coming around the corner, so we got in the street to root her on.....Go Heather Go!!!!
Here she comes with Amy and Emily as her supporters.
Haylee had to give her a hug as she runs on by.
And there she goes...... off to the finish line....with a VERY sore ankle.
Heather's fan club. We were all so proud of her. Thanks for taking the picture Emily. Emily was part of the fan club, she just took the picture for us.

Heather and Krista. They both work at In N Out'll notice their shirts if you look close enough.
Zach getting in on the loving.
Cute story: So, as the runners were running past us, I made the comment that I was so proud of them. I asked Erick, "Aren't you proud of them?" He replies with, "NO, I'm only proud of Heather!"
After the race, Heather needed some fuel. So, off to the newly opened Cafe Rio here in California.....oh yummy.

What an adorable face.

They have the best pork yummy.

What a great way to start the New Year Heather.
Now you can mark that off the list of things you want to accomplish in your life.
We are all so proud of you Heather.!!!!!!