Monday, March 15, 2010

Happy 25 Trevor

It's so hard for me to believe that my youngest son is 25 years old.
He is a BIG sushi fan, so he wanted to do Sushi for his birthday dinner. He had a "few" friends....only 18 of us total....join him for Sushi on Saturday night. We had a whole room to ourselves. It really was nice. Here is the birthday boy with his balloons from Emily, and Amy....the one who planned and set this whole night up. It was wonderful Amy .... Thank you so much.
It was an all you can eat Sushi place....Oh my goodness....I have never seen so much gross, disgusting, raw fish and rice in all my life. Can you tell I'm not a sushi fan? This is just one of the many plates of Sushi that was brought out. Everyone loved it and was SOOOOO full when they left. Luckily I wasn't the only one ordering food from the kitchen, Nicole being pregnant and all couldn't eat sushi so I wasn't the only one not eating that ..... stuff!!!
He even got a little bowl of ice cream with a candle. Make that a good wish Trevor.
Just a few of us after dinner in front of the restaurant.
Then the next day....Sunday....his actual birthday, we had a fun family dinner here at the house. Here Trevor is with Amy and one of the many great gifts she gave him for his birthday. I thought this one was soooo thoughtful. She bought a frame and put 3 pictures of the two of them that Trevor just randomly had displayed in his room, and put them in a picture frame and took some stickers and wrote BEST FRIENDS. They really are best friends too...I love it.
Everyone hung out and had fun. Zach wanted to say hi to his little cousin, that he is waiting to meet, and crawled into a very pregnant Nicole's lap.
So sweet.
I love this picture Amy took of Hayden.

Gary and I with our 25 year old.
How cute is Erick's face in this picture? I love it. There's a lot of candles there Trevor.
But...with some help he was able to blow them all out.
Happy Birthday Trevor. I hope you know how much we all love you.