Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A funfilled Saturday

This past Saturday was a busy, fun day. It started out with swimming over at Heather's new place. It was a huge swimming pool, and the kids just had a blast. Haylee has absolutely no fear. That girl would just jump off the edge of the pool backwards and do a flip. Hayden was not quite as crazy, but decided he wanted to give it a shot. Here they both are just before the big jump.
Little Zach loves the water too. He just chills in there. So sweet to watch.
Erick also had no fear. I love this picture I got of him jumping into the pool. He just jumped in expecting either Heather or Trevor to be there to get him....crazy child. : Zach is having a snack break here. So macho just sitting in his lounge chair.
What a sweet smile.
Brothers bonding.

I captured a brief moment of stillness on Erick's part. That boy didn't stop the whole time we were there.
Later we came back to Grandma's house. Zach is starting to scoot. He gets up on all fours too. It is so stinking cute watching him do this. I tried and tried to get these pictures of him on his fours. He made it very difficult, he would see me with the camera and turn to face me. While I love his cute little face, it was his sideview I wanted for these pictures. I finally was able to get some good ones.
Thinking .....

This is my favorite shot of Zach that night. I love the look on his face. He has this little grin that looks like he's saying, "Look Grandma, one foot!". So adorable. I love this little guy.

I loved this pose of Erick's in the tub. He is just leanin on one arm while lying on his side, playing with his tub toys. Such a funny kid.
I totally posted these last few pictures backwards. Erick's bath came after we played Sorry. Here we are playing the Sorry game that Hayden just opened as a birthday present from Grandma and Grandpa.
Hayden loves to play board games. So, we decided to get him some of his own for his birthday. He loves to play Sorry, and he loves Spongebob. He gets the best of both worlds.
He kept telling me that he thought this present was a football. He seemed pleasantly surprised when it was Jenga instead.
Erick is so happy that it is present opening time.
We had a fun day/night. It's so nice to have Hayden back home again.
Just in case I have never mentioned it......I LOVE being a Grandma!!!!!!!!

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