Saturday, February 27, 2010

Valentine's Day Fun

I just love having family get togethers. I will think of any excuse just to get the family all together under one roof. This time the excuse was Valentine's Day. I made some homemade lasagna, and we ate and hung out and had a fun time.

I was trying to capture a kiss on camera here.

Amy and little man had fun together. He is just walking all over the place grown up and proud of it.
We read story books together. Zach loves to read books, so Heather happily read to him.
I wanted to get the kids a little something for Valentine's Day, but didn't want to get them candy. So they got a small little present to open.
I love watching kids open presents. The look of anticipation on their faces is great.

Instead of candy, Grandpa and I got them puzzles to put together.
I LOVE this picture of the four of them. Such silly kiddos.
We really had a fun time putting them together.
Hayden's was a little trickier....his had 500 pieces. He looks a little overwhelmed here.
I love the look on Amy;s face in this determined.

Even Grandpa jumped in to help.
We got the edges all put together on Hayden's and then they had to go home and we had to undo it all....I know he can do it though.
We had fun and the kids left happy, and that's all that matters to me!!!
Families are the best thing we have. I sure do love mine!!!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Birthday/Superbowl Party

How stinkin cute is that little boy's face in this picture? Oh my gosh I love him!!!!! It still amazes me how well Erick can find his way around the internet....I just hope he never comes across something inappropriate....but he was teaching "me" how to play things. It was cute to watch him and fun to be a part of his computer world. I love him too!!!! Heck, who am I kidding I just love all those kiddos. Hayden and Haylee are just as loved.
Little Man loving his Aunt Heather.
He was sooooo cute playing with this little guitar. I have a really cute video of him dancing to it while it's playing. I'll try to remember to upload it on the blog. It just made me smile.
Giving Haylee birthday kisses.
Our little Princess Haylee gets to put another candle on her birthday cake. It's hard to believe that she is 7 already. She turned 7 on the 7th....which unfortunately for her ended up being Superbowl Sunday. She didn't care.
Here she is giving Uncle Jeff some loving.

She had her best friend Prestley over for the party. Here they are getting ready to open Haylee's presents.
She is into Barbie and Hannah Montana right now, so it was a Barbie, Hannah Montana DVD birthday.

More goodies from Aunt Amy.
Opening her present from Prestley.
Just a guess, but I think she really liked it. It was a jewelery box.
Uncle Trevor got her Sleeping Beauty DVD which is going away and happens to be her favorite Princess. The aftermath......
Time for cake and ice-cream.
Helping put her candles on the cake.
Zach finally felt a little bit better and was having fun with the
Toy Story Mania box. He looks like he's reading a book. Did I mention that I love this little boy???????
Saying our goodbyes. Haylee sure does love her Uncle Trevor.
Happy Birthday sweet little Haylee.
Another great night with the babies. I really can't think of a better way to spend my weekends.