Friday, August 14, 2009

Daddy's little helper....

Trevor and I were able to go visit Wildomar yesterday and play with the kiddos. As you can see here, Erick is helping his daddy mow the lawn. That's right Rick, teach him young. After yardwork was done. Off we went to go pick up the kiddos new playhouse. How cute is this little playhouse? Ali found this on Craig's list for very cheap. It even has screens on the windows, curtains for the windows, and a doorbell. I also couldn't get a good shot of the weathervane on the roof. It really was a great score on Ali's part.

How cute is little Zach peeking his head up over the door? I think the kids are going to have lots of fun with their new playhouse. They sure look excited....Wow! Hayden sure is getting tall isn't he????

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