Monday, August 23, 2010

Family Fun pictures

How cute is little Lucy? She was getting quite a kick out of her cousin Haylee. They are both such sweethearts and Haylee just loves having another girl around. So stinkin cute.
Grandpa and Lucy.

I have an adorable video of ERick and Haylee rockin out I will try to get posted too.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

"Sweetest" evening with the grandkids

Gary and I went and spent some time with my mom yesterday, and on our way home stopped by Rick & Ali's and the kiddos to spend some time with them too.
We all went to downtown Temecula for some dinner and fun. We ate at the fun hamburger place with outdoor seating and a mister. It was good food and a fun atmosphere. The people sitting in the next booth brought their dogs with them. Haylee was just sitting there loving on their dogs. I had been to this same place a few years before with my mom, and knew there was a fun candy store close by. So, off we went looking for it. How cute is this picture of Grandpa with the kiddos?
This wasn't the candy store, but we couldn't pass up a cute photo op. Zach was not interested as you can see in the background.
This was such a fun "Sweet Shop". I knew the kids would love it, and they did.
I told the kids that they could all fill up a bag with candy, and Grandma would buy it for them. They had so much fun going around looking at all the different candies to put inside their bag.
Decisions, decisions, decisions.

All Zach wanted was a sucker, and he wasn't going to wait until we payed. He was soooo cute walking around the store with his sucker.
Paying for the candy with Grandpa. I have to say that this was the MOST expensive candy we have ever purchased, but it was worth every penny watching the kids' faces light up with joy as they filled their bags.
How cute are these faces???? One of the joys of being a grandparent is pay back to your children, by getting the grandkids all sticky in the car and revved up on sugar.....ahhhh sweet revenge!!! hahahaha

Zach didn't even last the whole 15 minute trip back home. But, he does have a tight grip on that sucker of his.
I think the memories of this night will last a long time. It was such a fun time.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

What is a summer without the beach???

Wow. Here it is August and this is the first time we got to the beach. Most summers we have been there at least 4-5 times already. So, we were glad when Rick said his buddy Kris was coming down with his family from Idaho and we were all going to the beach.
Gotta have sunscreen while at the beach right??? Zach is getting sunscreened down here. Kris and his son Tayson bonding.
Erick playing in the water with his friend Nathan.
I love this picture of Erick and Rick going out into the water together.
Zach playing in the sand. He wasn't too fond of the water. He stayed on dry land.
Erick was getting ready to run out with a boogie board, and I told him to smile for the camera first. This is what I got. I sure do love that smile....and that kid.
Back at the firepit getting ready to roast hot dogs.
Zach kept smiling for the camera and putting on the cheesiest grins. I had to capture it on camera of course. This is just one of many adorable pictures of Zach that night.

Rick, Gary and Kris bonding around the fire.
Erick and Heather. How pretty is the sunset in the background.

Bonding after the sun is going down....or were we trying to stay warm???
Both, I guess.

Smore time.
Nathan eating his smore.
How cute are these two???
Awww...a three way kiss....
It really was a fun night. Thanks Rick and Ali for planning this and putting it together.
Maybe next year we will get more beach time in during the summer.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Another summer....another pool party at LeeLee's

Last Saturday was a fun day. It was a pool party at my sister & brother-in-law's house, and Hayden finally came home from visiting his dad.
My sister Lora....aka LeeLee. Me & my mommy
Hayden was so happy to see his brothers and sister again. Gary & I were lucky enough to pick him up from the airport and then we brought him to the pool party. Well, we got to the pool party before Rick & Ali and the other kids, so Hayden was waiting patiently to see them.
Here he is going to love Zach. You can see how happy Zach is to see him again too.
Erick telling him a story before the hug.
Haylee was sooooo excited to see him again. Dallas, awkwardly joining in on the hug.
Mommy getting in some lovin.
Trying to get Zach's attention for some love.
We just had a fun time in the pool.....on floatie things....
...jumping in....
...being thrown in....
....and getting lovin from the dogs.

Erick started something.....he started pushing in Haylee....
and then Hayden....
then mom got in on the action.....
then Haylee joined in....
...luckily noone got hurt....and everyone laughed and had fun with it.
Grandpa and Zach.
How cute is this little guy?

Such a cute picture.
Totally content in Heather's lap. Erick does love his Aunt Heather.
We really did have a good time, as you can see in Erick's face.
Thanks Lora and Danny for another fun pool party.
Can't wait for next year.