Saturday, February 28, 2009

Have I ever mentioned how much I love these kiddos?????

Because......DANG IT!!!!!! these kiddos are adorable.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Gary's the big 5-0!!!!!

Today my wonderful husband turns the page....
he is now the ripe ol' age of 50....ha ha ha
We had a family BBQ Sunday in Wildomar to kick off the festivities. When we walked into the house, this is what we were blessed with....the kiddos up singing "Happy Birthday" to grandpa with a banner and balloons. It was pretty cute.
Then we had some of Gary's favorite foods. The one marinade that we don't have very often, but Gary absolutely loves is "Fo'o chicken". I probably spelled the name wrong and I apologize in advance Fo'o. Fo'o is a great guy who used to live here in California, and he made this once.....yummy in the tummy. The recipe: 2 cups soy sauce, 1 cup sugar, ginger root diced.....we like lots of ginger root, and green onions. Mix together and marinade won't be disappointed.
Another one of Gary's favorites is green onion can see Erick loves it too. He just crawled right up on the counter and had a feast. It is good stuff.
Gary got his exercise too. In Rick and Ali's backyard they have this big hill. should see Dallas run up that thing.....too funny. The kids decided to climb up there with Dallas. When Haylee got to the top, she was too afraid to come back .....
Grandpa to the rescue.....guess you can still climb at 50.....; ) (just kidding dear)
The Academy Awards were on that night, so we had to watch it. I mean come on.... Robert Pattinson gave out an award....he needed to smile though I thought.
We hung out.
We acted silly....Haylee wanted silly pictures with the kids.

And we just cuddled and loved the little ones.
I love Erick's face in this picture....what a funny kid.
Heather had Zach just giggling.

Love those little toes.....Dang it....why do babies have to grow up so fast?????
Everyone was ready for cake and ice-cream. I went to go find the birthday boy, he was nowhere to be found.....I finally found him upstairs with Erick playing in the play room. He said Erick asked him to be with could he refuse???
So they broke away from the toys and came back downstairs and blew out the candles. I was a little disappointed that they didn't make him blow out 50 candles and only gave him 2...oh well....Then it was time for good-byes.
Group hug.
It was a good night, being all together.

Love the back of Zach's head....A great view as we walked out the door. Happy Birthday Gary......and age is only a number.....Love you.

Friday, February 20, 2009

It's the weekend....

All I have to say in this post, it's the weekend.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Self reflecting....

I went to the doctors the other day for pink eye and found out my blood pressure is borderline high. It made me stop and think about my life and what things I need to change. A time for self-reflecting....that's where the picture came in....

I need to get my lazy butt back to the gym and start working out again....UGH... I was doing so well there for a while and then the holidays came along, and well I haven't been there since. So, I've decided that my health is way more important than sitting on the couch cathching up on my shows.....I just need to get addicted to working out again.

Why is it so much funner to be lazy than it is to workout???

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Love is in the air

I absolutely love spending time with the babies. We have to get our weekly dose of lovin' in. Look at that little "peanut". How adorable and cuddly are babies??? Zachary is still so little, but he is starting to really notice his surroundings. He was so much fun on Sunday, just looking at us and looking all around. So much fun to kiss and love.But, the kissing wasn't just for Zach,
we had to spread the love all around.

Even Dallas jumped in for a kiss. We try really hard to keep Dallas away from the babies face, but he just wants to kiss him too. It is kind of sweet to watch Dallas just try to love the baby. I don't think he understands why he can love everyone else and not the baby. He really does love Zach though you can really tell.

I Love, Love, Love these kiddos....

Monday, February 16, 2009

Great pics of great people

I love those two people below. That is my son Jeff and his beautiful wife Nicole. This pic was taken by Nicole's sister who is a prof. photographer, Amelia Lyon. To see all of their pics taken that day click here...I just love these two and had to share the pics.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

This is why dog crates were invented...

I had a "quick" errand to run today. I felt bad for the dog because he had been crated all morning while I was at work. I figured he would just lay on the chair and look out the window like he does when I'm, I let him roam while I ran this "quick" errand......NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!! That was once a plant in a styrofoam container....And yes, those are CD's he dragged over from the computer......what the heck?????
Below is a BROKEN light bulb...glad the light wasn't on at the time.

Won't that be fun to vacuum up, that white styrofoam off of a dark blue carpet????
Yea, that's the innocent face of a very destructive demon.....the other day I let him roam in the backyard while I was at work. It was such a beautiful day I hated to have him crated in the house.....well I should have taken pictures of that destruction that day too. He ripped apart the spa cover. It was styrofoam too. He must have a thing against the stuff I don't know, but it was ruined. He also has a thing against chair cushions. Whatever!!!!!!!!!!
I guess I can just be happy that it was only a little plant and not the couch or something bigger. Anyone want a dog for cheap?????

Monday, February 9, 2009

Haylee Ann Thompson is "6"

It all started off with a slumber party.....minus the boys....of course. Rick, Ali and the kiddos went to Disneyland Friday and dropped Haylee off to spend the night with her "best friend" Heather. The boys cuddled in too, until it was time for them to head home. Then it was just Heather and Haylee...the birthday girl.
While they were at Disneyland the night before, it was raining and Haylee's shoes were we took her to get some new shoes for her birthday.....Heather also bought her a new purse. The sunglasses....well Haylee found those laying around and ....well they are just Haylee....our little DIVA!!!!!!!!!
Pancakes are her favorite, so Grandma and Heather took her to IHOP to get some breakfast. What a I said....our little DIVA!!!
A happy little girl.
She told the server that it was her birthday, and they were so sweet to bring her a sundae....not traditional breakfast food....but it was so nice of them, and they sang "Happy Birthday" to her.... She loved it.
Blowing out her candle.
She does love her Aunt Heather.
Then on Sunday night, we headed out to their new house for dinner, cake and ice-cream....and some baby cuddling of course. This was the first time Grandma Thompson got to see the new little guy....or "nugget" as Heather calls him. As you can see, she thought he was pretty neat.
And then, this Grandma had to get her hands on him too.....I love being a's the best.
We had one more gift for Haylee to open. {How do you like that wrapping paper??? Nothing but the best for my grandkids....} ha ha ha
She said she wanted an Ariel doll. It was the last one in the store, I guess she's more popular than I thought. Haylee was happy.
Erick wanted to see her too. Who would've thought, the kid that loves to play with cars....{you will almost always find a car in his hand}....wanted to hang out with Ariel too????
Cake time.
Enjoy it while there are only 6 candles to blow out only gets harder as life goes on.....Grandpa Thompson will be blowing out 50 candles here soon, and most definitely will need some help with those I'm sure.
It was fun hanging out being a family.

Hayden loving his new little brother.
I kept taking pictures and Hayden decided to make a game out of it. He kept trying to run away from me and the camera. All the kids got in on it. It was fun, but I think we drove everyone else crazy with it.
My little Squishy and me.
It's fun to see your children be parents. I loved watching Rick with his son. He's not proud at all....ha ha ha
I think Haylee had a great birthday.