Friday, August 21, 2009

I love living close to Disneyland....

Yesterday Rick, Heather and Trevor all had the day off work. Ironically enough, we all have passes to Disneyland too. Since the weather has been so much cooler lately, we decided it would be a perfect day to spend together at Disneyland. I have to day that Disneyland is fun, but SOOOOO much better with the little ones. Luckily Heather grabbed her camera, and she got some cute shots of the kiddos. Haylee all wet after we went on the River Ride. Last month when Trevor and I went on my birthday, due to the long wait on their part to get my pass in order, we got 3 passes to just walk to the front of the line .... no waiting.... the only way to go I must say....ha ha ha So, we used it on this ride which was a 45 minute wait. It was great. We felt like V.I.P. ha ha ha
Zach keeping an eye on his Aunt Heather.....literally. :D
Heather got some great shots of the babies together.
Loved this one. My favorite of the day.
While we went on the River Ride, Trevor stayed and watched Zach and Erick. He took them to Brother Bear which is right by the River Ride. Erick was in heaven. He was running all over the place just going from place to place. He loved it in there.

Erick coming out of one of the slides in Brother Bear.
We went on King Triton's carousel. Erick didn't really want to do it, but when everyone else got on he really had no choice. Zach even rode one of the "fishes".
He wasn't too sure for a minute there.
Such a big boy.
Making sure Grandma is still close by.
When the ride started, Erick looked at me and said, "This ride is kinda fun huh Grandma?" It was cute.

Hayden has been waiting to be tall enough to ride Maliboomer. It shoots you up high and fast. Well, he is finally tall enough and got to ride it for the first time. Heather got some great shots of him. This one is just as it is shooting us up. The look on his face is priceless.
Just look at the anticipation on his face in this picture. He's so stinkin cute.
Wait for it....wait for it.....wait for it.....
He is so happy and so excited. He loved it!!!!!
We really did have a great time together. I can't think of a better way to bring my summer to an end.

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