Thursday, July 23, 2009

So much love....

Tuesday night Heather comes home from work and announces she and her car are heading to Wildomar if anyone would like to go they were welcome. Well there is NO WAY I was going to pass up a visit with the babies. Dallas went with us, and as you can see, he was VERY excited to see the kids. He really loves those kids and gets so excited when he sees them....of course, they feel the same way. Haylee and Dallas couldn't give enough hugs to each other.
Just so you know, in the picture below, Haylee is laughing. She is loving all of Dallas' kisses and hugs.
It was a happy reunion as you can see.
I had been scrapbooking earlier in the day and realized I didn't have very many pictures of just me and Haylee. I look HORRIBLE in this picture because it was such a hot day that day and I put NO make up on....I didn't even care!!! How's that for attitude??? Ha ha haHaylee took this picture of herself.
Emily went with us and Heather, Emily, Erick, Haylee and of course, Dallas had a little tea party in the new preschool room.
Oops, I added this picture twice.
Zach is just getting so darn big and adorable. Heather has some REALLLLLY cute pictures of Zach I will have to post later when we figure out how to get her pictures into this new computer.
Look at the giggly face. He is such a happy little guy. {Ignore my big head in the forefront....sorry.}

Erick was asleep when we got there. It took him a minute to wake up and realize he had company. Such a cute face.

Ali fed Zach some rice cereal while we were there. I had to capture his silly faces on film. He would much rather have "boob" than rice cereal anyday.
The next couple of pictures makes me wonder what Ali put in that rice cereal. Zach looks a little tipsy....ha ha ha

All done!
It was great to see and play with the babies and have a nice chat with Ali. We sure are missing Hayden though. I can't wait to get my hands on that little boy.
Have a great day.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Playing drums with grandpa

I thought everyone might get a kick out of watching the video of Erick playing drums with Grandpa at the Fourth of July block party. Watch for the cute look on his face towards the end.

Have a great day everyone.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Our 4th of July Celebration.....

Gary is in a band.
One of the band members had a block party on their street on the 4th of, the band played. Rick and Ali and the kids and I went to join the festivities.
This is what I took to the party. Notice the red, white and blue theme....and can I say, it was delicious???? It was easy too. Thought you'd like to see all the yummy goodness inside.....ummmm
Erick sitting down eating his "chips"....yummy dinner huh???....waiting for the band to play.

This was Erick's reaction when the band started playing.
You can see he adjusted to the loudness. We were sitting right by the speakers, so that didn't help.
Laura, the singer in the band, knows Haylee loves microphones and, she called Haylee up to sing with the band and play a little tapping of sticks together.
She LOVED it!!!
After the band played their first set, Grandpa came and joined us. Erick being silly.

Even little Zach enjoyed the day. The music didn't seem to bother him at all.

He is so stinking adorable. I love those cheeks.
I love how when you hold Zach close, he takes his little hand and holds it on your face. It is so sweet.
This picture was great, because Rick is in the middle of these two in the background.
Grandpa just couldn't get enough loving from this little guy.
One of the activities was an ice-cream eating contest.....without your hands.....Erick got right in there and had a great ol' time.

Haylee.....not so much. She was NOT happy when they added chocolate syrup to her ice-cream.....What Haylee???? Are you kidding me???? That's the best part of the whole thing.
Later, some kids were so excited they started lighting off fireworks before it got dark. Some sweet kids were kind enough to share their poppers with Erick and Haylee. They had fun with those.
Just watching.

Later, the band played another set of songs. Erick went and asked Grandpa if he could play with him....Grandpa put him on his lap and played with Erick's help. He was actually playing along with him. Erick LOVED it. I have a video of him playing with a grin on his face from ear to ear. Maybe I'll post it later. He really did have fun. Poor Rick and Ali, another drummer in the family.....ughhh.
As the sun started to go down, out came the sparklers. {I don't know why this picture wouldn't turn. I'm still trying to play with this new computer and figure things out.}

I love this picture of Erick with his sparkler.

It was fun. The smoke from all the fireworks got to be a little too much for the baby, so we headed out. I hope everyone had a great 4th of July. I'm very grateful for all those who have served our great country, and their families that support them. While the economy might suck right now, I'm still grateful to live in this country and to enjoy all that we do....especially freedom.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Sleepover at Grandma's house

Wow....we had a horrible tragedy at our house.....our computer crashed!!!! It is for that simple reason I have not posted pictures lately. We had to wait to get a new computer, then when we finally got it, you got to try to figure out how to use the new computer. Trying to figure all these things out has taken some time. I decided it was high time I figured out how to upload pictures that I finally learned how to download on my new computer, onto the blog. Success!!!
We had a fun slumber party at Grandma's house on Friday, July 3rd. It was good times.
The above photo makes me absolutely laugh. I was trying to get Erick to smile for the camera, and he wouldn't. So, I asked him to say "peanut butter and jelly sandwiches", and this is the look he gave me, with the explanation that he doesn't like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. What a silly guy.
Trevor got a fun summer pool, and the kids decided to break it in. They really had a fun time. Now that I have figured this out, I will post pictures of our Fourth of July celebration tomorrow.
Have a happy day everyone.