Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Father's Day Fun

As you can see we didn't do anything fancy to celebrate Father's Day....we just hung out. But honestly, sometimes the most memorable times are the ones where you "just hang out". It was so nice to have Jeff and Nicole with us. They have such busy lives they don't get to "hang out" with us as much as I'd like, so it was great to have them there. I love just sitting around "catching up" with everyone too. That's pretty much what were doing here. There are so many of us that we don't all fit at the table, so some of us stood around the kichen bar. We stuck little Zach in his Bumbo, and he was so cute sitting there like one of the big kids.
Previously, I posted the pictures of little Zach being absolutely adorable. This is the picture of him from behind. While I was laughing and playing with him and taking the earlier pictures, everyone in the living room was watching and smiling. I couldn't figure out why, until they told me to come look at how cute the back of his head was. I love how cute his little ears are from the back of his head, so I had to get this adorable shot.
Rick and Ali have been scoring some great deals on Craig's List lately. They got little Zach this cute little bouncy, fun toy for a whole $5.oo. He was so cute playing in it. But I'm sorry, with grandma around, he didn't last in it too long. I had to just get him and love him.
Heather took the kids to the grocery store with her to pick up some condiments for our sub sandwiches. While at the store Haylee saw these "noodles". She told Heather something to the effect of "when I get my cast off in a few days, I'm going swimming at my friends house. Heather if you don't buy me one of these I'll drown." So, like a good Aunt not wanting her neice to drown, she bought them both one......sucker Heather!!!!!!
Here Jeff and Erick are having a "noodle" fight. Too cute.
Haylee and Nicole "catching up". {I love Nicole's new hair color}
This is Erick and I watching Ratoutioulle....however you spell that movie....ha ha ha earlier in the evening.....

and this is us later in the night. After dinner he came up to me and said, "Grandma, will you hold me"? So, of course I'm going to take that opportunity to cuddle. I knew he was tired, so we went into see if the movie was still playing. The credits were rolling so we started it again.....he lasted a whole 5 minutes if that. Trevor told me to lay him down on the couch and I said "NO WAY... I never get the chance to just cuddle Erick like that, so I took complete advantage of it, and we cuddled.
It was a fun night being together as a family. There's no where in the world I would rather be than with the ones I love!!!!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Our goodbye to Hayden

Okay, I realize I'm backtracking on my posts here. I decided that I needed to blog these pictures before I blog our fun Father's Day celebration pictures.
On Wednesday, the 17th, Amy and I went out to Wildomar to say our goodbyes to Hayden. He left for 6 long weeks to go visit his dad. Amy and I just knew we couldn't let him leave without some loving from us. It seems like we are always getting pictures of the kiddos with Aunt Heather....well this time there was no Aunt Heather, so Amy got the loving. Lucky girl. They wanted to take a picture making funny faces too....so here is the funny face picture. Even Zach's face looks funny.
This was a picture I had to capture. Eric just sitting down reading a book in "the library". Ali is starting a preschool in September and this is the "library" section. It is a really cute set up and looks like it will be tons of fun. She is a great mom, so I know she will be the BEST preschool teacher ever!!
These next 2 pictures are just adorable of Amy and the little nugget. He is just so dang cute. I can't wait to see what his personality holds in store as he gets older.
You just can't get enough kisses in with this guy.
It was a fun night. We were both so glad we got to see the kiddos and say goodbye to Hayden. Hayden loves the show "Wipeout", so we sat and watched that with him. Crazy show.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

World's Cutest Baby

That's what Zach's t-shirt says, but who am I as his grandma to disagree? I too think he is the cutest baby right now. He is so happy and fun. He just smiles and lights up all the time.
Grandpa getting some lovin in.
I think it's so funny how Trevor looks so much like Rick that Zach just lights up when he sees Trevor.
Rick doesn't like his son at all....NOT!!!!

This is just a tease of more pictures to come from our fun night last night.
We sure missed having Hayden there. If you're reading this Hayden....we love and miss you.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Great Movie

Can I just say that this is one of the cutest movies.
Trevor and I went and saw it tonight and I can't wait to see it again.
I have a list of movies I could watch over and over again
~ 27 dresses
~How to lose a guy in 10 days
~Just like Heaven
~The Break Up
and of course
just to name a few...
well this movie will be making it to that list.
If you see it, tell me what you think.
Have a great day.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Who doesn't love a good In n Out burger????

My kids work for a great company. They work for In n Out. Every year In n Out has a great company picnic. They have TONS of food. Of course there are Burgers....you can see how much they were all enjoying their burgers...
Amy & Trevor Nicole

And Amy again... looks pretty darn good if I do say so myself.
Jeff and Nicole having fun together.
Heather and Emily.
Amy & Trevor. This is my favorite picture right now. I love how my kids are all good friends. They are always doing things together and they enjoy each other's company. As a mother, there is nothing better in the world than when your kids are such good friends.
Trevor and Jeff....so stinkin cute.
Looks like everyone had a good time.....again.
Now that I am off work....I will be able to post more fun photos of the family....so keep peeking in for more fun.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Random cuteness ahead

Friday, June 5th, was Heather's birthday. All the kids and some friends went out to their favorite restaurant Toi in Hollywood, and Gary and I got the privilege of watching the kiddos. I think I had more fun that night with the kids than I ever have. They were so much fun. I snapped this hilarious picture of Erick "helping" grandpa do his sit-ups. Such a funny kid. Here we have our beautiful Haylee and .... yes...you guessed it...her PINK cast. I was privileged to be the first one to sign my name to it. She is so cute with her little cast on.
Now this picture.....well it needs no words ....
FREAKIN' ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hayden jumped in on the exercise frenzy that night too. He was showing grandpa how to do a proper push-up. He did a great job, I was impressed with his abilities.
I have lots more cute pictures to come....so stay tuned....

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Jeff ROCKED IT!!!!!

I'm so proud of Jeff. He did it again!!! He ran another marathon. This time it was a full 26.2 mile marathon. It was in San Diego, and the weather was absolutely perfect as you can see in the background of the pictures.
We didn't just want to go to the finish line, we wanted to root him on along the way. Not really knowing our way around San Diego very well we realized the best place to meet up with him would be the 17 mile marker.....so we did.
Here we are waiting for him to come along. You can see to the left all the runners running past. I couldn't believe how many people were out running this thing. It was really impressive. The kids had made signs and T-shirts for support. The sign that says "the burger would be proud" is because he works for In-n-Out Accounting Dept. This picture below is kinda funny. We saw Jeff coming and got all excited and started yelling....this guy coming along saw Trevor's hand out waiting for Jeff and gave Trevor a high 5. It was GREAT. You can see Jeff's red shirt in the background coming up behind this guy.

And there he is.....OUR RUNNER!!!!! I'm so glad we were there at the 17 mile marker because he was at a good time. He was just under 3 hours. His goal was to run under 5 hours.....he would have made it too if an old knee injury hadn't flared up.
He stopped for a minute for some loving and refueling. He told us here that his knee was really starting to give him problems.
Nicole {Jeff's wife} is showing Jeff her T-shirt in this picture.
Look at that smile. I love him!!! As he started running off again, he had a hard time with his knee. I guess it had stiffened up on him while he stopped.....so, I jogged along with him to give him loving support and the last thing he said to me as he took off was, "I'm not quiting! I WILL finish this....and he did too.
After we left him at the 17 mile marker we jumped in the car, got on the freeway and went to the finish line to wait for him there. Here we are with everyone. It really is a fun inspiring thing to do. Even if you don't have a runner, to be there and watch and cheer on these people do this great accomplishment and goal is FUN!!! {We even got the wonderful....ummm probably not the right word....experience of watching some guy run across the finish line BUCK NAKED...yeah you read that right. Wait I take that back, he had a flag on his back and a helmet on and his running shoes, so not completely naked.}
The happy family waiting.
I don't have a picture of him crossing the finish line, because I was video taping it...I didn't do a very good job with that video I was so excited to see him "hobbling" in that it is pretty wobbly. Even with a knee injury he ran that 26.2 miles in 5 hours and 40 minutes. WOW!!!! For his first marathon and a knee injury I'm really proud of him!!

Getting through the crowd to get his hugs from his waiting family. Here his very happy and proud wife is hugging him.
Can you tell by the look on my face how I feel?
Sitting at the medic station to get some ice on that knee.
His number.
His number with the medal he received for running the marathon. He's getting quite a little collection of these things. From what I understand, he can't wait to run the next one....that's my boy!!!
Jeff and Nicole before we left to go to feed this boy....he needed some serious nourishment after that.
His knee was so badly injured that he could hardly walk or get in the car....poor guy has stairs in his apartment...ugh. He has been off work the past 3 days recovering.
I am so proud of him. Marathons are great....listen to me....I've never even ran one....will I???? still on the fence on that one....but they are very inspirational for setting goals and acheiving them.
I now have two marathoners.....my daughter in law Ali, and now Jeff. Great job both of you. Heather is talking about running the next one with him in Vegas in December.....so stay tuned for those photos.....
Thanks for peeking in. Have a great day.