Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Yep....more pictures with the babies....

I was feeling very grandmotherly....ha ha ha...and made some chocolate chip cookies. These were my little cookie monsters. Erick and Haylee kept sneaking cookies before dinner. Grandma caught them and captured their "sneakiness" on camera. How can you get mad when they have such cute faces while they enjoy their dastardly deed????
How cute is little Erick in this picture? You can tell that Zach wasn't feeling very good in this picture. Poor little Zach has been sick all week. He was happy though for not feeling good. He is such a good baby. Rick and Ali sure got lucky with that one....but who knows what's ahead right???? ha ha ha

Who is this stranger in this picture with me???? Well, that's my brother Dwayne. He is down visiting from Minnesota. It was good to see him. He got to see little Zach for the first time. Unfortunately, they both weren't feeling their best. (Can I just say that my smile in this picture is just plain goofy.....oh well)

Another fun time together as a family. Can't wait to do it again.

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Em said...

ahhhi misss you guys so much! Its been forever since I have seen you and I hate it!!!! Love you