Friday, October 9, 2009

Flattery or frustration????

They say when someone copies you it is the best form of flattery right????
Well, I'm going to jump to conclusions and assume that Amy is flattering me and not just frustrated with me. ha ha ha For those of you who know me, know I love to make cards and scrapbook....I call it playing with paper...thus the name of my blog. Well, Amy asked me a few weeks ago to make her 2 cards. I would have normally been all over that, but lately my mojo is just not there....that happens every once in a while. I told her I would make the cards, and just dropped the ball and never got them made....I'm soooooo sorry Amy....I really am.
Well, Amy needed another card for a good friend. So, this is where I'm wondering if she was flattering me, by wanting to make cards too....(the copying part)....or just plain frustrated with me (because last time I dropped the ball) These pictures are of Amy at my desk making her card herself. I was VERY proud of her and her determination to make this card. She literally spent HOURS in there creating. (If you're reading this Dave you will see just how much time and love went into that card for you.) ; )
I love you Amy and am proud of the awesome card you created all on your own.
(You'll notice her Blackberry isn't very far away as she creates. That thing is always close by.....ha ha ha ha)

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