Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Father's Day Fun

As you can see we didn't do anything fancy to celebrate Father's Day....we just hung out. But honestly, sometimes the most memorable times are the ones where you "just hang out". It was so nice to have Jeff and Nicole with us. They have such busy lives they don't get to "hang out" with us as much as I'd like, so it was great to have them there. I love just sitting around "catching up" with everyone too. That's pretty much what were doing here. There are so many of us that we don't all fit at the table, so some of us stood around the kichen bar. We stuck little Zach in his Bumbo, and he was so cute sitting there like one of the big kids.
Previously, I posted the pictures of little Zach being absolutely adorable. This is the picture of him from behind. While I was laughing and playing with him and taking the earlier pictures, everyone in the living room was watching and smiling. I couldn't figure out why, until they told me to come look at how cute the back of his head was. I love how cute his little ears are from the back of his head, so I had to get this adorable shot.
Rick and Ali have been scoring some great deals on Craig's List lately. They got little Zach this cute little bouncy, fun toy for a whole $5.oo. He was so cute playing in it. But I'm sorry, with grandma around, he didn't last in it too long. I had to just get him and love him.
Heather took the kids to the grocery store with her to pick up some condiments for our sub sandwiches. While at the store Haylee saw these "noodles". She told Heather something to the effect of "when I get my cast off in a few days, I'm going swimming at my friends house. Heather if you don't buy me one of these I'll drown." So, like a good Aunt not wanting her neice to drown, she bought them both one......sucker Heather!!!!!!
Here Jeff and Erick are having a "noodle" fight. Too cute.
Haylee and Nicole "catching up". {I love Nicole's new hair color}
This is Erick and I watching Ratoutioulle....however you spell that movie....ha ha ha earlier in the evening.....

and this is us later in the night. After dinner he came up to me and said, "Grandma, will you hold me"? So, of course I'm going to take that opportunity to cuddle. I knew he was tired, so we went into see if the movie was still playing. The credits were rolling so we started it again.....he lasted a whole 5 minutes if that. Trevor told me to lay him down on the couch and I said "NO WAY... I never get the chance to just cuddle Erick like that, so I took complete advantage of it, and we cuddled.
It was a fun night being together as a family. There's no where in the world I would rather be than with the ones I love!!!!!

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Mirna said...

What a good, and lucky grandma you are. So haylee is going to get her cast off- good. I like Nichles hair darker as well.
Grandma S.