Monday, June 22, 2009

Our goodbye to Hayden

Okay, I realize I'm backtracking on my posts here. I decided that I needed to blog these pictures before I blog our fun Father's Day celebration pictures.
On Wednesday, the 17th, Amy and I went out to Wildomar to say our goodbyes to Hayden. He left for 6 long weeks to go visit his dad. Amy and I just knew we couldn't let him leave without some loving from us. It seems like we are always getting pictures of the kiddos with Aunt Heather....well this time there was no Aunt Heather, so Amy got the loving. Lucky girl. They wanted to take a picture making funny faces here is the funny face picture. Even Zach's face looks funny.
This was a picture I had to capture. Eric just sitting down reading a book in "the library". Ali is starting a preschool in September and this is the "library" section. It is a really cute set up and looks like it will be tons of fun. She is a great mom, so I know she will be the BEST preschool teacher ever!!
These next 2 pictures are just adorable of Amy and the little nugget. He is just so dang cute. I can't wait to see what his personality holds in store as he gets older.
You just can't get enough kisses in with this guy.
It was a fun night. We were both so glad we got to see the kiddos and say goodbye to Hayden. Hayden loves the show "Wipeout", so we sat and watched that with him. Crazy show.

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