Monday, April 6, 2009

Northern California comes South

I liked this photo so much I put it in this post twice on accident. It is a cute photo though...don't you think?
Gary's sister Lori and her daughter Lexie came down from Rocklin California for her volleyball team. She's got a great team by the way, we were able to go watch her play one of her games....lots of So, we were able to introduce them to the newest Thompson family member, Zachary.
Lexie with the little peanut.
Heather gave our little Diva, I mean, Haylee a manicure. She got a lovely shade of pink for her fingernails, perfect color for spring.
Mr. Zach with his Aunt Amy.
Here we are again....Grandpa with the little guy. He is getting so big so fast....
Okay, now this is a picture I HAD to take. This is NOT something we see very often at our house....Amy washing the dishes. She even took it to the Susie Homemaker level and wore an apron....I love it.
Erick snuck out to the garage for a little jam session on grandpa's drums. He LOVES to must be in the blood.
A family photo.
Lori, Gary, Barbara{mom}, and Lexie.
Later, they went into the spa for a little relaxation. Doesn't Hayden look relaxed here???
The little guy was exhausted from all the lovin he got.
And Dallas slept like a baby too. He had a busy day. His dog friend from down the street came down to play with him, he had out of town visitors, and the kiddos all in one day. Too much fun for one little pup....
It was good to see Lori and Lexie. One of these days I'll have to throw Gary in the car and we will go visit them.

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Mirna said...

Sounds like you have been having LOTS of excitment at your house. Wow! Everyone is growing up so fast. I wondered when you had your spring break. I won't call before 6 A.M.[Ha, ha,}. Sunday jeff will be 26 yrs. old. Love the picture of Gary with Zack to. Hugs to all Mom