Sunday, April 19, 2009

How do you spell fun? C H A O S

Yesterday Rick and Ali had a bunch of people over for the UFC fight. It was a lot of fun and tons of chaos. There was a total of 10 adults, 14 kids and a dog. The kids had so much fun running around and got kinda noisy, but they were having a blast. You can see Erick made a new friend. Erick and Penelope were so cute together. I love how they are holding hands in this picture. He has good taste, Penelope is adorable. The older boys got out the Halloween masks and decided it would be fun to scare the littler kids.
It worked.
Penelope tried to hide behind me.....although with that adorable smile on her face, she doesn't look too scared now does she????
This is where the little ones got to eat their dinner
The older kids grabbed the table and everyone ate and had a great feast. There was tons of good food to be eaten too.
Love this photo!!!!
Someone sat Zach down by grandpa while they went and dished up their food. He sat there and actually watched the was adorable....hmmmm.... wonder if he was taking notes for later....
Talk about segregation....this is where the men were most of the the living room watching the fight on the bigger TV.
Here we have the the kitchen....with the little ones....
And after everyone got tired of listening to the kids run around screaming, we rounded them up to watch a movie and calm down a little. Funny story: When I went upstairs to gather the kids to watch a movie. I said, "Let's all go watch Twilight". I thought, and totally expected, a NO WAY.....but to my utter astonishment, I got a YEAH, let's watch Twilight. So, here we have the kids watching Twilight.
Dallas had been staying with Rick and Ali since Thursday. Heather went to Vegas for Amy's 21st birthday and they babysat Dallas. So, Dallas had been there having an absolute blast with the kids since Thursday. When it was time to leave and load up all of Dallas' things, he saw me get my keys and came running. He wouldn't leave my side the whole time I was gathering his things. When I went outside to load the car he snuck out and ran into the car. He would NOT get out. It was pretty funny. He had so much fun with the kids, but he was missing his mommy. I snapped this picture of him looking at me when I asked him to get out of the car. He wasn't going to get out!!! So, since it was late and Dallas was already in the car, we headed home.
It was a fun night. Dallas slept the whole way home. When we got home he crashed!!!

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