Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hoppy Easter Everyone

First off, I have to apologize for such a lousy picture.
Haylee was in a hurry to go give her creation to her Aunt Heather, so I had to take the picture quick.
We have a future scrapbooker in the making here.
Haylee is sooooo stinkin' cute. She has done this a few times now and I'm noticing how much she enjoys it, so I had to capture it on film. She will see a picture and go grab some paper and glue or tape and "scrapbook" it basically. It is so cute for such a young lady. She loves it and then can't wait to give her creation to whomever it was intended. Adorable!!
I just need to teach her about acid free Grandma will just have to get Haylee her own little scrapbooking supplies to play with while at Grandma's house. I love it.
We were lucky enough to have the kiddos over last night while Rick and Ali went out on a much needed date I'm sure. We had a great time. While they were here the "Easter Bunny" came and hid some eggs.
Erick's favorite color is green, so he got the green bag....notice he is also looking for the green eggs.
I was SO proud of Hayden. He is really growing up to be such a good boy. They were playing outside and I went out and told them that there were eggs hidden inside the house. I gave them their bags....yeah grandma went all out, bags instead of easter baskets....{grin}
I told Hayden and Haylee that if there was an egg on the floor to let Erick get it. He was SO good and made sure he got them all. Hayden only ended up with like 6 eggs out of 36, but he was very mature about it.
What a great big brother he is!!!!! Boy, does he have a surprise coming tonight....I'll most likely blog about that later.
Haylee reaching for her find.
I think they had fun. I counted the eggs after they found them. We were 3 short, so I told them to continue to hunt. They never did find the other 3 eggs missing. Funny thing.....I come out to the living room this morning to Dallas playing with an egg. Dallas found one of the hidden eggs. It was pretty cute. Even Dallas got to hunt for eggs on Easter.
May you all have a wonderful Easter Sunday, and remember what the true meaning of this holiday is really all about....Our Savior.
P.S. Happy Birthday is Jeff's 26th birthday today also. I don't think in his whole 26 years his birthday has ever fallen on Easter...interesting.

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KTprice said...

oh my gosh- my favorite part is that Erik has NO PANTS on. hahah I love those cute kids!