Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Love is in the air

I absolutely love spending time with the babies. We have to get our weekly dose of lovin' in. Look at that little "peanut". How adorable and cuddly are babies??? Zachary is still so little, but he is starting to really notice his surroundings. He was so much fun on Sunday, just looking at us and looking all around. So much fun to kiss and love.But, the kissing wasn't just for Zach,
we had to spread the love all around.

Even Dallas jumped in for a kiss. We try really hard to keep Dallas away from the babies face, but he just wants to kiss him too. It is kind of sweet to watch Dallas just try to love the baby. I don't think he understands why he can love everyone else and not the baby. He really does love Zach though you can really tell.

I Love, Love, Love these kiddos....

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