Wednesday, February 11, 2009

This is why dog crates were invented...

I had a "quick" errand to run today. I felt bad for the dog because he had been crated all morning while I was at work. I figured he would just lay on the chair and look out the window like he does when I'm, I let him roam while I ran this "quick" errand......NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!! That was once a plant in a styrofoam container....And yes, those are CD's he dragged over from the computer......what the heck?????
Below is a BROKEN light bulb...glad the light wasn't on at the time.

Won't that be fun to vacuum up, that white styrofoam off of a dark blue carpet????
Yea, that's the innocent face of a very destructive demon.....the other day I let him roam in the backyard while I was at work. It was such a beautiful day I hated to have him crated in the house.....well I should have taken pictures of that destruction that day too. He ripped apart the spa cover. It was styrofoam too. He must have a thing against the stuff I don't know, but it was ruined. He also has a thing against chair cushions. Whatever!!!!!!!!!!
I guess I can just be happy that it was only a little plant and not the couch or something bigger. Anyone want a dog for cheap?????

4 thoughts to ponder from those I care about:

Faye said...

Congratulations!! You have a dog. Boy are you in for it. We love ours, but he sure is a pain at times too. Shadow has never chewed like that but he is a champion crotch sniffer! Enjoy!

Katie said...

That picture of the puppy is just priceless! Certainly you couldn't possibly be mad at that little face!!!

Andrea said...

Wanna make a bet Katie???? Actually he is usually just a sweetheart of a dog. He has proven that he just can't be trusted is all.

Cory CL said... Crates are good. I hope to not be having the same experience with our new pup anytime soon. Thanks for the warning! Hope all is going well with the Thompson Clan.
xoxo Cory