Monday, February 9, 2009

Haylee Ann Thompson is "6"

It all started off with a slumber party.....minus the boys....of course. Rick, Ali and the kiddos went to Disneyland Friday and dropped Haylee off to spend the night with her "best friend" Heather. The boys cuddled in too, until it was time for them to head home. Then it was just Heather and Haylee...the birthday girl.
While they were at Disneyland the night before, it was raining and Haylee's shoes were we took her to get some new shoes for her birthday.....Heather also bought her a new purse. The sunglasses....well Haylee found those laying around and ....well they are just Haylee....our little DIVA!!!!!!!!!
Pancakes are her favorite, so Grandma and Heather took her to IHOP to get some breakfast. What a I said....our little DIVA!!!
A happy little girl.
She told the server that it was her birthday, and they were so sweet to bring her a sundae....not traditional breakfast food....but it was so nice of them, and they sang "Happy Birthday" to her.... She loved it.
Blowing out her candle.
She does love her Aunt Heather.
Then on Sunday night, we headed out to their new house for dinner, cake and ice-cream....and some baby cuddling of course. This was the first time Grandma Thompson got to see the new little guy....or "nugget" as Heather calls him. As you can see, she thought he was pretty neat.
And then, this Grandma had to get her hands on him too.....I love being a's the best.
We had one more gift for Haylee to open. {How do you like that wrapping paper??? Nothing but the best for my grandkids....} ha ha ha
She said she wanted an Ariel doll. It was the last one in the store, I guess she's more popular than I thought. Haylee was happy.
Erick wanted to see her too. Who would've thought, the kid that loves to play with cars....{you will almost always find a car in his hand}....wanted to hang out with Ariel too????
Cake time.
Enjoy it while there are only 6 candles to blow out only gets harder as life goes on.....Grandpa Thompson will be blowing out 50 candles here soon, and most definitely will need some help with those I'm sure.
It was fun hanging out being a family.

Hayden loving his new little brother.
I kept taking pictures and Hayden decided to make a game out of it. He kept trying to run away from me and the camera. All the kids got in on it. It was fun, but I think we drove everyone else crazy with it.
My little Squishy and me.
It's fun to see your children be parents. I loved watching Rick with his son. He's not proud at all....ha ha ha
I think Haylee had a great birthday.

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