Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Trampoline fun at Grandma's house

A few weeks back Nicole threw Jeff a dessert party at her parents house for his graduation from Cal State Fullerton. While we were there the grandkids had so much fun on their trampoline in their backyard.....theirs is built into the ground.

When it was time for them to leave, needless to say, they didn't want to go home.....especially Erick. So, as I was walking with him back into the house holding his hand, he says this to me, "Grandma. I really need you to get a trampoline for your house." I replied back with, "don't you want one for your house instead?" He quickly says, "No, I need it for your house." Now, first of all you have to know the sweet little voice in which he is speaking to me.....or should I say to my heart.....I melted.....and yes, I lovinly caved in to his request.

So, you can see that we now have yet another trampoline in our backyard....this time with walls. Our kids went through 3 trampolines while they were growing up. I loved them when I was a kid too.

I have for your viewing pleasure pictures of them having fun on the new trampoline in Grandma's backyard. I must add that Heather and Trevor lovingly pitched in for this purchase as well. They wanted the grandkids to be as happy as me and Gary. Thanks Heather and Trevor!!!!
Lucy joining in on the fun.

She loves it. I've put her on it without the other kids, and she doesn't like it as much. It's pretty cute to watch her try to bounce.

Girl cousin bonding time.

I think he's happy. What do you think?

Zach playing with the doggies.

I'm sure there will be many fun memories made on this trampoline. Let's just hope none of them are injuries.

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Faye said...

Good grief Andrea. And the pressure is on for all us other grammas? I suppose now is not the time to go into detail about Kelley's broken arm and Jody's split eye all because of the Gundersen's trampoline......