Thursday, June 30, 2011

Surgery day....

I figured since I am having my surgery today, that I would post the cute pictures of Erick when he had his surgery last month.

How cute is he here with his hospital bracelet?
Gary and I put together a post surgery basket for him with toys and tasty treats for when he was recovering. I think it helped....hahahaha

He looks a little tired. Can you see how this little boy just would melt a grandma's heart? Just out of surgery and still smiles for the camera. And looks cute I might add!!!!

Heading home and happy about it. Everything went well. Thank goodness.

Giving dad some loving here.

A happy little boy headed home with his goodies.

I hope I am as happy and look as good as Erick does when I come home from my surgery today....hahahaha

I won't be such a good sport and let anyone take a picture of me though. hahahaha But then again, I'm no where near as cute as Erick is!!!!

Enough said!!!

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