Monday, June 21, 2010

The almost wedding pictures and a little bit of Lulu...

How handsome and beautiful are Amy and Jeff in these pictures? They were kind of in a wedding on Saturday.....what a long, dramatic, ridiculous story. They were actually there for Align Centerthe sealing in the morning at the temple.....just didn't make it for the reception. I just wanted to show off how nice they looked that day. Nicole did Amy's hair and make up for the wedding and I think she looks amazing. I was wondering what Nicole was going to be able to do with Amy's hair because it is pretty short, but it looks AWESOME. This is the front, and you can see how pretty her make up is here too.
And this is the back of her hair. Isn't it pretty?

How cute is Lucy in her bumbo chair? I call her my little chunky monkey. She's taking after her daddy. He was 16 lbs. at 2 months.....chubba. I love chunky babies and all their little rolls of cuteness.
Such a cutie pie. I love this little girl!!!
Thanks for peeking in, and have a happy day.

1 thoughts to ponder from those I care about:

Mirna said...

WOW!!! SO did Jeff and Amy go? After all they went through to get clothes, etc.etc?
Lucy is a doll so happy> Mirna