Sunday, June 13, 2010

Little Lucy's blessing day

Today was a very special day in our family. Little Lucy was blessed at church today by her daddy. It was such a beautiful blessing and made me cry. Lucy was a very good girl and didn't cry at all. You can see she slept most of the time in church....and for pictures. She got to wear the same dress Nicole was dressed in as a little baby, so that was special. Jeff and Nicole with little Lucy.
This was a hard picture to get just right. This is all of both families all together. We took up a lot of space in church today.
Then afterwards we went to a park for some lunch. Grandma Suppenbach got a cute picture with the sweet little one.
Then we got a 4 generation picture.
Then the girls got a picture together. Haylee babe was sick today and Ali had to stay home and take care of her, so they were missing in our picture of the girls.... = ( I'm not sure where Nicole was at the time.
I jumped into a picture of Heather and Erick being taken.
It was a fun day. I love being together with my family...whatever the occasion.
Hope you're feeling better soon you.

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Tracy said...

What a special day! Our Taylor was blessed in the dress that I was blessed in, isn't that cool? Lucy's cheeks are the best!