Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Angelic smile....

Ali asked Erick to give me his angelic smile. This is what he gave me. I love this kid. He is so stinkin much fun. A wild child at times, but he knows how to melt grandma's heart. Another little sweetheart. He can melt my heart too when I can get him out of his momma's arms. He is a mommy's boy right now.
But you can see I did get my hands on him at one point. All I can say is being a grandma is the best thing. LOVE BEING A GRANDMA!!!!

Isn't she beautiful. I love this little girl. She has such a sweet heart, with so much love to give.

They love to play games on the computer. Aunt Amy was playing with them too. Amy had to get her loving in that night too.
Hayden heads straight out to the basketball hoop when he gets here. I love it. You can see that the hoop is really close to the fence, and many times the ball gets thrown over the fence, and he ends up coming in because the ball is gone. So, Amy in her wisdom moved the basketball hoop so this doesn't happen anymore. Good job Amy!
One of the things I really love about Erick is that he loves to cuddle. So, we cuddle a lot. Amy got a picture of us cuddling while we were watching the new Ice Age movie. So much fun.

I love it when these guys come over and bring their parents with them. We always have a good time.

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Mirna said...

What a great Grandma you are to. The kids are really growing up fast. Love, Grandma S.