Sunday, May 23, 2010

Gary's Retirement Dinner

Gary is offially done with AT&T as of last night. AT&T paid $500 for a dinner, at a restaurant of Gary's choice for his retirement dinner. Gary picked the restaurant Northwood's Inn. The whole family was there and boy did we have a fun night.
This is our first family picture taken since Lucy was born. I sure do love this group of people. This is Gary with his boss Cindy (in the plaid) and Gary told her to bring a friend with her, so she brought her friend Donna (in the brown).
While we waited for our table to be ready....there was 15 of us so it took a few minutes....we took pictures to kill the time. How cute is Hayden here?

Haylee was afraid of the dead animals on the walls and ceiling. She found comfort with her Uncle Trevor.

Lucy is getting so chunky. I love a good healthy baby.
I love this picture of the boys.

Quite a group.

What a funny face from Hayden. Typical 9 year old boy not wanting a kiss from his little sister.
We had a great night together. The food was DELICIOUS, the company even better.
Congratulations Gary on almost 31 years with AT&T.

2 thoughts to ponder from those I care about:

Tracy said...

Wow, So happy for Gary! What a wonderful night, everyone together! Love your family. :)

Mirna said...

Looks like Thanksgiving< and you didn't have to cook or cleanup. Looks like you may have gone over budget. Lucy is chunky, all the kido are so cute. Grandma S.