Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Opening presents

After John's Incredible Pizza...see previous post....Rick and Erick were able to open presents. Erick had to help daddy open his presents....Oh the anticipation....I love the look on Erick's face. The present isn't even for him, yet he is so excited to open it and see what it is....you gotta love the innocence of children. Hayden is just as excited...if not more....because he saw what it was.
It's a Wii. Everytime we go somewhere that has a Wii, Rick is wanting to play it. So, we figured let's just get him his own. I think he likes it.
Erick opening his presents now. I love how Dallas is in there watching.
Spongebob Connect Four from Uncle Trevor. I think Haylee likes it too.
His expressions in the next few pictures are so stinking cute.

Everytime he comes over to our house, Erick is asking to watch Wubbzy's Big Movie. We bought him one, and one for our house as well.....grandma's gotta be ready.
Figured, one Wubbzy movie wasn't enough, so we got him one for Christmas too.
It is so much fun to see the excitement and joy in kids as they open their gifts. Of course, I don't know how much joy there would have been if they were clothes. It always crack me up, how they open clothes, then throw them off to the side and onto another present until they get to a toy.
Happy Birthday Rick and Erick. We sure do love you guys.

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