Tuesday, November 24, 2009

John's Incredible Pizza Birthday Celebration

For Rick and Erick's birthday celebrations, we decided to party at John's Incredible Pizza. It is new to our area and looked like a fun place, so we tried it out. While we were waiting for everyone to arrive, we took pictures outside.
Here we have the beautiful Amy and the adorable little Zachary. Granpa and Haylee
Erick loving on Trevor.
Erick giving Grandma some of the love.
I had to get a picture with the two birthday boys, Rick and Erick.
Zach hugging Grandma.

Amy, Barbara, and Gary.
Walking downstairs to get in line.....boy we had no idea what was in store for us. I don't think we would have taken pictures outside for so long if we had known.
Zach eating coupons.
Jeff and Nicole practicing..... = )
Standing in the looooooooooooong line. Erick has this total fixation with Heather right now. He just can't love her enough.
See all those people in the background???? That is only maybe 1/10 of the people inside. It was CROWDED!!! but FUN!!!
Erick didn't want to eat first, he just wanted to go play or ride rides. So, Uncle Jeff tried to take his mind off it by giving him his present to open. .... he still wasn't happy.
I think this is my favorite picture right now. ERick pouting BIG time.
He finally got to the presents and started playing with them. Jeff used to love to play with Battle Beasts as a little boy, and these little toys totally reminded him of those, so he got them for Erick. So cute.
Eating his pizza so he can go play.
Erick was hilarious playing skee ball. He would throw the ball, and whether or not it went into a good hole, he would take his hands and pull them back while saying "YES". It was really cute to watch. He had a blast.
My beautiful girls Heather and Amy.
Heather playing with Lucy.....well kinda.

This game Nicole is playing was fun....hard but fun.
Rick won the kids this alligator. They were all excited.
It really was a fun night. John's Incredible Pizza really has it down well. There are all different kinds of rooms to eat it....so everyone isn't together and so loud. It's a buffet, so it's all you can eat.....no waiting for your pizza like at Chuck E. Cheese. The food was DELICIOUS considering it was a pizza buffet, and the price was right. The game room was totally seperate from all the food, which was also nice. They had TONS of games and fun rides for everyone. If it wouldn't have been so darn crowded it would have been an absolutely perfect place. Next time we know NOT to go on a Saturday night.

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