Sunday, August 9, 2009

Beautiful Butterfly Experience

I went out into the backyard yesterday to dump the trash, and this is what I found on the wall in the backyard. I immediately ran into the house, and grabbed my camera to capture it on film.
How many times have you seen a butterfly emerging from it's cocoon? After taking pictures, we left and went swimming at Heather's new place. When we got home, it was still stuck. I decided that it needed help. I didn't want to help it at first because I knew it needed to do it on it's own for strength. At this point, it had been stuck for well over 4 hours. I figured it would die if I didn't help it anyway, so why not just help it out??? The reason the poor little thing couldn't get out is because it's wing was like infused into the cocoon....the wings couldn't open fully even after I got it out.
The grandkids were totally loving watching it try to fly off. The poor little guys was just wiped out from trying so hard, so long to get out that he was almost dead.
I sure wish that the ending of this experience would have been a better outcome. Unfortunately, the poor little guys just didn't make it.

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