Saturday, March 28, 2009

New look

Oh man.....I like this look SOOOOOOOOOO much better. I absolutely love daisies, they are my favorite flower. So, when I found this background, I HAD to have it. I hope you all enjoy the new look. It is spring after all, and it was time for some spring cleaning on this blog.

I also started another blog to share my paper creations on. I didn't want to bore those who come her to see pictures of the fam with cards and scrapbook pages, and bore those that come to see cards with pics of the fam. My other blog is

Have a great Saturday. I wish Saturdays lasted longer than they do.....dang it.

3 thoughts to ponder from those I care about:

Tracy said...

Oh, I LOVE LOVE the new look - it's perfect!!!

Mirna said...

I love it too. Grandma S.

Tanya said...

I love your background too- Daisies are my favorite!!! I will add your new stamp blog to my list!
Your kiddos are cute too tho! :) The little Snow White girlfreind cracks me up. my daughter is always telling us about "her prince" and whatever he says and does. Kids!