Monday, March 30, 2009

Guess what???? of the babies....{big cheesy grin}

Once again, pics of these kiddos. It's a good thing we take lots of pics when we go over there, because their camera is broken. This way I blog them and all the Alva's {Ali's family} can see these cuties since Rick and Ali don't have any pics to blog right now. So enjoy~~ Erick wanted me to take a picture of him and Hayden's puppy. After I would take the picture he would say, "Let me see". If it wasn't right, he would say, "let's do that again". We finally got it right....ha ha ha
I will never resist taking a picture with this little man. He is getting so big so quickly.
I thought Haylee and Erick were so cute playing computer games. Erick was so wrapped up in his games that when we left he didn't even cry. Usually he has a meltdown, not last night.
Erick and I got to play with his pirate ship.
We went for a walk. It was really nice outside....a little chilly, but nice.

I love this picture of Trevor and sweet.
Isn't Zach adorable???? I love him.
Zach was being so cute last night. We layed him on the couch and we were talking to him. He just kicked his feet and talked and talked. We couldn't help but smother him with love he was being so cute.

Erick is SO good with Zach, not one ounce of jealousy in his bones. He just loves his little brother so much and it shows.
You can see why we feel the need to get over there every weekend. Look at how much Zach has grown in just the 2 months of his life.
We just can't get enough of those kiddos.

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Katie said...

Wow! He is getting so big! Too bad they had to move, wouldn't it be great to see Zach, Preston Case, and our little Scott being cute baby buddies?? Oh well. I LOVE the picture of you holding Zach, super precious!