Monday, February 2, 2009

Warning......this post contains lots of pictures

Yesterday was Zach's blessing day. It was great to have the whole family all together at church on such a special day. Isn't he just the cutest little guy? I realize I'm prejudice here, but dang it he's cute. This is all of us.
The happy family of "six".
The proud parents and Zach.
My mom wanted a four generation picture.
There were 3 babies blessed that day. Rick and Ali with Kristy and Brandon and their little boy Preston.
The next few pictures are just us taking random pictures. We had like 3 different cameras taking pictures so sometimes we aren't looking at the camera directly....I don't know about anyone else, but I sure had fun taking pictures with my family. Below: My mom, Amy and Heather.
Amy and Trevor
My mom with Erick. Erick had to pick a flower while taking the pictures. He was proud of his flower.
Nicole, Jeff, Amy, me, Trevor and Heather.
Nicole, Amy. me and Trevor....Jeff hopped in at the last minute.
Jeff and Nicole....hopefully the next baby blessing will be theirs....hint hint you guys.....
After pictures we changed and went out to Rick and Ali's new "BIG" house. Erick calls it the "BIG" house. We hung out, held the baby, ate, and watched an amazing superbowl football game. This picture of Jeff holding Zach was taken a few days earlier, but I didn't post it, I'm doing it now....hmmmm looks good Jeff...hint hint
My sister Lora with little Zach.
Aunt Nicole with the little bundle.....feels good huh Nicole???? hint hint
Great grandma doesn't look to happy does she.

It was a great day to be together. There's nothing in the world better than being a family......and I do love my family.

2 thoughts to ponder from those I care about:

Tracy said...

yay!! what a great day!! I loved the pictures! Oh my gosh, when did Amy go blonde?! I kept having to switch my brain - that's not how I know Amy!! how fun for her - love your family!

The Thompson's said...

HAHAH! GREAT photos! After all the "hint hints" I think I might just go get myself pregnant! What do ya think! P.s. what about that hair cut!??
I love it! Thanks for the encouragement!