Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Yay!!!! I got to play again

I found this cute card idea on a fun blog...click here to go to the blog.
I thought they were so cute that I made two of them in different styles. They have a little surprise inside, that's why I thought they were so much fun. I showed the butterfly card on it's side, so you can see that the butterfly is 3 dimensional.

I haven't had a chance to use this stamp set yet, so I made good use of it last night. It's just a fun card and a fun stamp set....perfect match. This is the surprise inside....it's a gift card holder. How cute huh????

These were so much fun to make, I think I need to find some excuses to give out some gift cards to some friends. Anyone want a gift card???? ha ha ha
Without little ones around, and my house being so quiet ..... and lonely I might add.....I just might have to make more of these fun things.

Have a great day everyone. Hope you're all happy and healthy.

1 thoughts to ponder from those I care about:

Mirna said...

Your cards get cuter all the time. Some people have all the talent. See ya tomorrow. It's only going to be 99. Hugs, Mom