Monday, August 4, 2008

Happy Birthday Hayden

Wow!!! I can hardly believe this little guys is 8 lready. My how time flies when you're having fun. Of course it's only the children that get older....the adults still stay the same age.....right??????? Hayden saw how much fun we had on my birthday at the park, so that's what he wanted to do for his. BUT FIRST THINGS FIRST....we had to feed the boy, and he wanted In-n-Out boy. That was one thing he missed while up in Seattle visiting his dad, that and Del Taco.
You can see he thoroughly enjoyed his Double Double. I think he's crazy though because he doesn't like the fries.....oh darn, more for me.....oh wait, I don't need all those into the trash they went.... : (
Then off to the park for all kinds of fun and adventure. There are a lot of pictures so I'm only going to comment on some of them. I just included so many so you can see how much fun we had.

This was a weird swing. You could swing around 360 degrees. The kids freaked out at first, but when they realized how it worked, they loved it.

And of course, Haylee made some new friends. Here she is playing with them.

So, the kids were having so much fun, that the "older" children decided to join in on the fun. Why let the small kids have all the fun right???? Who cares that a sign said for ages is fun. Amy sliding. and climbing.....and smiling.. I love it.

Trevor and Rick ..... boys will be boys.
Trevor and Emily stopped long enough to pose and smile. Thanks guys.

Taking a break and playing brick breaker on their cell phones....

Even Dallas came and joined in on the fun day.
This is my all time favorite picture of the day. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rick throws Erick up in the air and Erick LOVES it. He always asks Rick, "throw me higher". So Rick did, and I got it on camera......I'm always afraid he isn't going to catch him, but he always does. While Erick was in the air, he was kicking his arms and legs, it was fun to watch....and kinda scary, but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this picture
We played games of baseball.....until all the wiffle balls were split in two.....then we played kickball. Well.....most of us did anyway. It was fun.

Dallas loved watching us play. A little sidenote....if you look really close....I'm the one in the red....I'm pulling up my pants......yes that's right.....pulling up my pants......because they don't fit me anymore because I've lost 25 pounds.......woo hoo.

Erick made friends with this little boy and borrowed his fun little scooter. You can see by the look on Erick's face.....he loved it.

This is the little boy, his name was Tanner, they had fun together.
Then Haylee joined in on the fun.
Then we went home for cake and ice-cream and the last of his presents.
He not only had birthday cake, he had a cupcake too. Here he is shoving the cupcake into his mouth.....growing boy.
Hanging out at home. Heather, Nicole and Amy.
We love Emily. She is a good friend of the family and she was nice enough to join us for Hayden's birthday celebration.
Hayden sporting his new skateboarding helmet he got for a present. He had been opening presents randomly all day. His Aunt Heather spoiled him big time with lots of Volcom brand clothes.....spoiled kid.
Haylee and Erick loved the helmet too.

Sporting his new Vans he got from Uncle Trevor. He also got another pair of Vans from Aunt Amy.....spoiled kid..... : ) Love him.
Sorry for so many pictures.....can you believe there were still others I didn't post????? I do love my camera... : ) I'm glad we had a fun day with him, because his family all left for St. George this morning and will be gone for a week......another week without If you're still with this post, I hope you enjoyed the pics. Happy Birthday Buggy Boo, we love you.

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Mirna said...

What Great Pictures! I'm so sorry I can't remember the kids Birthday's Someone will need to remind me. Will they all be back for our :Pool Party" at Lora's on the 16th? Pandie you are looking so good! Hugs. Mom