Monday, August 18, 2008

Pool Party at LeeLee and Danny's

On Saturday we went to my sister and brother in laws beautiful house to swim, and of ha ha ha We had sooooo much fun. If you look real close at Erick's eye, you can see he has a black eye. We were laughing at him later because he got so cold he had blue lips. I told Rick, "He has blue lips, a black eye, and a red toe....a very colorful child."
Even Dallas got in on the action......
But....he didn't like it. Lora and Danny have two dogs, Baxter is a Boxer too. He was concerned with Dallas when he was in the water. In fact, Baxter pretty much kept on eye on everyone in the pool. He was our lifeguard.
You can see Erick swimming here. He looks like he's drowning, but he's not. ha ha ha He is like a little fish. He loved it. He is swimming from Trevor to Rick here. Tough kid.
Rick loves throwing his kids up in the air I guess.....ha ha ha. Haylee couldn't get enough of it.

On your mark, get set, GO!!!! Hayden getting ready to jump in.
Amy,Trevor and Erick just chillin'.
Haylee called this blue floaty "the bed". Everyone loved it.

Baxter watching closely.
Ooops, guess I liked this picture so much, I added it twice. Dallas tried so hard to play with Lora's dogs, but they were more interested in what was going on in the pool. Dallas found someone else to play with.....Lora's cat. Dallas didn't know what to think, the cats in our backyard run when he chases them, Lora's cat is used to dogs so he just sat there like "what do you want?" I think Dallas was amused. It was cute.
Dallas crashed and burned on the ride home. He played so hard, he was exhausted.
We really had a great time. Thanks LeeLee and Danny. Can't wait to do it again.

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LeeLee said...

I'm sooo glad you all were able to come and go swimming.. WE HAD SUCH A GOOD TIME.. We will need to do it again REALLY soon. (We missed you Jeff and Nicole) Baxter and Ginger both sleep the rest of the night and most of the day on Sunday. They were Wiped Out. Love you much.