Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Some random ramblings.....

Do you ever have those times where so many thoughts and emotions go through you at the same time???? Well that's what has been going on with me lately. So I'm going to refer to this post as my random ramblings because I'm going to share with you all of those crazy emotions.....just in case you were interested.... : )

This sweet little boy comes home from his dad's house today. So the emotion is EXCITED!!!!!!!!! I MISS him. As you can see from the picture he is just a fun little boy. The house hasn' t been the same with him gone....a little quieter (he he he), but not the same. Can't wait to see this little guy. Okay, Fun is not an emotion.....or is it??? But I'm adding it to my random ramblings because yesterday I got to "play with paper" and it was FUN. I made this card with some of my new toys I bought with birthday money.

Then, to make the day even was stampin up club night. So, I got to have "therapy" with my stampin up girls....and we made this adorable card. I just had to share. So, FUN is also an emotion going through me right now....probably more like CONTENTMENT!!!
When I came home from stampin up club last night it was late and I was tired. There was still a lot of commotion going on at the house.....10 people live here what do you expect right???? BUT, I was tired and wasn't in the mood to hear singing from a sweet little girl at the top of her was close to 10p.m....even though she sings beautifully....I was too TIRED. As I went to bed, I lay there thinking about that sweet little girl, and was swept away with the emotion of GRATITUDE!!!! I mean how many grandmas get the opportunity to have their grandkids live with them, and see them on a daily basis with so many hugs and kisses??? I thought of the many lonely people out there that have no little girls singing at the top of their lungs to entertain them, to come into their rooms and say, "I just love you and want to give you a hug and a kiss"....okay that one ranks pretty darn high on the list of BLESSINGS!!!!! So the flower is to represent my GRATITUDE for all that I have been blessed with.....and the list is long.
Then, of course the SADNESS emotion. I don't know why, but my dad and my father in law have been on my mind a lot lately, and I miss them so much. My dad passed away a year ago in June. Talk about a spiritual giant. This is a picture of me with my dad 6 days before he died. He knew his time was coming to an end and wanted to spend time with the family. This was the last day he was at my house. I was so blessed to have him as my father, and know he watches over me and my family and I will see him again some day. Thank goodness for Eternal Families. I miss you dad!!!!!!!!!!!!
That handsome man ....{heck all of those men are handsome who am I kidding}.....but the one in the blue is my wonderful father in law. He passed away from Alhzeimer's in December '07. {The other handsome men are my son Rick, holding his son Erick, then Lyle, and then my husband Gary. This is a 4 generation picture.} Even with Alhzeimer's Lyle was a fun guy. I never knew Lyle to ever get mad or angry with anyone. I can truly say he was the kindest, most loving man I ever knew!!!! I miss him so much too. I would sit with him 3 days a week for a couple of hours so my mother in law could run errands. He was so far into his disease at this point he really didn't know what was going on, or what he was doing, but he still made me laugh. Such a great man. I find comfort and peace knowing that he has his mind back now, and no longer suffers from such a horrible disease. The world was definelty a better place because these two men, my dad, and my father in law, were in it.
So, my mind spins right now with so much going on in my head right now. Life is short, so we need to enjoy each and every day God has blessed us with. Today, I'm going to concentrate on my emotions of EXCITMENT and GRATITUDE, as I look forward to Hayden's return today.
Have a wonderful day everyone!!!!!! Make it your best!!!!

2 thoughts to ponder from those I care about:

Mirna said...

I have been missing dad a lot lately too. It made me cry when I saw the picture of you and dad together.
I bet you're excited to have Hayden come back home. I know how much you love him.
Loved your cards they were cute. The I'm sorry card you made me, I sent it to a lady and she called me to say how much she liked the card.

Mirna said...

well, go figure. It showed me the password was wrong. Now it shows up it went through earlier. Well that's good.