Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hayden's finally home.....

Yippee Hayden's home. I think he grew about 6 inches and gained 20 pounds.....he's not fat, I just don't remember him being so hard to pick up and hug is all....ha ha ha

The girls were lucky enough to score some seats. There is NO seating at LAX....none....We were told that Hayden's plane was going to be late. Heather's comment, "I welcome the delay." Why??? because she had her book and wanted the time to read....Yes, that's a silly "Twilight" series book in her hand. What will I do with my "Twilight" girls???
Waiting patiently for Hayden and Rick to walk down the long corridor that the passengers come down when they have unboarded the plane.
I thought this was a cute picture. Haylee kept looking at the arrival lists while waiting for Hayden. Like she knew what she was looking at. It was cute.
The excitement was too much. This is a picture where we saw Hayden and Rick coming and the anticipation of them getting to us was intense. We were all so happy to see him again.

Haylee was too short to see down the corridor, so Trevor held her up to see Hayden coming.

Awww the sweet reunion. Everyone around us was laughing and smiling at the commotion that the kids were making when they finally got to hug Hayden. It was really cute to watch.

This is my absolutely favorite picture of all. Does the look on Haylee and Erick's face just say it all or what???? How is it to be so loved by so many people Hayden????

Mommy's turn.

Heather is telling Hayden here how heavy he has gotten. : )

Gary and Trevor jump in for their turns for hugs. I had a picture of Amy hugging Hayden and it disappeared. I will have to add it to another post later. Sorry Amy.

I love this picture of Hayden and Haylee holding hands. Just like always....Haylee just wouldn' t let go of him. She was so happy to have her playmate back she said.

A happy family reunited once again. I'm glad Hayden got to spend time with his other family, but I'm sure darn glad that he is home again.

There is no picture of me hugging him, but you can darn well bet that I gave him a huge hug. I just didn't get a picture of it because I was too busy hugging.

Heather has more pics on her camera, but she has it with her at work. When she gets home I might post a slide show of more photos of our fun adventure waiting for Hayden.

Oh, I have to share this story. While we were at the airport waiting, there was this guy with this HUGE camera. We decided that he was paparazzi, because he kept trying to hide and peek around the wall looking. It was actually funny to watch. We were hoping that we would get to watch him in action, but I guess whomever he was looking for never showed up....dang it. It showed me a little glimpse of what it must be like for celebrities to be stalked.....not something I would want to deal with. It did entertain us though.

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Mirna said...

What fun to get to see all of you welcoming Hayden home again, being we coulden't be there. Welcome home Hayden! Love, Grandma S.