Thursday, August 12, 2010

What is a summer without the beach???

Wow. Here it is August and this is the first time we got to the beach. Most summers we have been there at least 4-5 times already. So, we were glad when Rick said his buddy Kris was coming down with his family from Idaho and we were all going to the beach.
Gotta have sunscreen while at the beach right??? Zach is getting sunscreened down here. Kris and his son Tayson bonding.
Erick playing in the water with his friend Nathan.
I love this picture of Erick and Rick going out into the water together.
Zach playing in the sand. He wasn't too fond of the water. He stayed on dry land.
Erick was getting ready to run out with a boogie board, and I told him to smile for the camera first. This is what I got. I sure do love that smile....and that kid.
Back at the firepit getting ready to roast hot dogs.
Zach kept smiling for the camera and putting on the cheesiest grins. I had to capture it on camera of course. This is just one of many adorable pictures of Zach that night.

Rick, Gary and Kris bonding around the fire.
Erick and Heather. How pretty is the sunset in the background.

Bonding after the sun is going down....or were we trying to stay warm???
Both, I guess.

Smore time.
Nathan eating his smore.
How cute are these two???
Awww...a three way kiss....
It really was a fun night. Thanks Rick and Ali for planning this and putting it together.
Maybe next year we will get more beach time in during the summer.

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Mirna said...

What a perfecy way to end the summer. Fun fun fun. grandma S