Monday, April 5, 2010

Playing in the backyard & makin wishes....

Saturday afternoon we were blessed with the visit of Rick and the little ones. Ali & Haylee were at a birthday party here by us, so the boys hung out with us while they were at the party. I'm so glad they came by because we sure had a fun time.
Look at how big these boys are getting. I can't believe how fast kids grow up. It's crazy, and unfair that time is going by so quickly. We headed out to the backyard for some sunshine since it was a nice day. In my lovely backyard we have all kinds of the yard. Erick discovered a dandelion and said, "Look Grandma, I have a flower for you." I told him to make a wish with it and then blow on it really hard so his wish would come true.
The picture below is of him thinking of his wish....notice little Zach in the stinking cute.
And this is Erick making his wish. He just cracks me up!! He looks like he's praying.
Then he blows really hard so his wish will come true. He then gives me a great big hug and said, "Grandma, I wished for a really fast car." I then asked him if the car was for him or daddy to drive. He replied with "both of us". I think he has a while to worry about that fast car since he won't be driving himself for a few years.
Then we just had fun with some wiffle balls and throwing them for Dallas.

How cute is this little guy?

We sure had a good time. I love these kiddos.

2 thoughts to ponder from those I care about:

Butternut Sage Designs said...

gorgeous bos Andrea....would love to give a little bird bite on those cheeks! LOL Have a nice week!

LeAnne said...

Andrea! I have missed you!!!! I am so glad you commented on my blog....these little guys are so CUTE! My daughter is expecting a little girl in now I can look forward to these moments too!