Sunday, April 25, 2010

My baby is

Amy is my baby and she was 22 last Saturday. Wow!! Where has time gone?!?
It seems like just yesterday she was a little baby like Lucy being passed around.Here she is with Grandma Suppenbach in front of the traditional birthday banner.
My sweet girls....Amy, Heather and Haylee.
And little Lucy was also a star that night. It was the first time a lot of the family had seen her, so everyone got in line and poor Lucy was passed around all night. She was quite a trooper, and didn't fuss much at all.
Grandma Suppenbach was sooo excited to get her hands on her.
Aunt LeeLee was next.
And my brother Dwayne who lives in Minnesota was down visiting and he was able to hold her too.
Grandma Thompson got her turn.
Rick looks good with a baby girl in his hands doesn't he??
Ali looks so happy to finally get her hands on little Lulu.
Little Zach was NOT happy that his mommy was holding another baby. He just didn't get the whole fascination with this new little Thompson.
Erick sure enjoyed his new cousin. I love the little smurk on his face, with his nose with a rug burn.
Haylee was so happy to finally hold a girl baby. My two granddaughters.
Little Lulu got a little fussy by the time Hayden got his hands on her....she settled down pretty quickly though.
We had to get a picture of all 5 together. This isn't the best picture taken that night, but I love these kiddos.
I'm really looking forward to more fun family functions, and watching these guys grow up and have fun together.

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