Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Cuteness Ahead.....

So, we went to Rick and Ali's again on Sunday. When we got there I went into the kitchen to put down my salad I brought.....and this is what I found..... Little Zachary looking for some yummies in the refrigerator. Obviously someone had it opened and then he crawled in there because he can't open it, but I thought it was pretty cute.
Hayden helping Ali make deviled eggs. What a sweetie.

Gary commented that life just doesn't get much better than this....

Emily went with us for some fun and lovin.
Heather getting her exercise in for the day.
I love those lips!!!!
Cute story: Zach's high chair was perfectly Dallas' height. Dallas of course, being a dog, went over to beg for food....Zach of course, being a sweetheart, shared his dinner with him.

Zach had to get in at least one bite. It was really cute to watch these two. They truly do love each other.

Dog pile on Uncle Trevor.
A twister burrito....
Haylee is in there somewhere.

Erick fell and cut his head open last week. These are his two staples he got as a result. We were calling him staple head most of the night.
I love this picture of me kissing Erick.

Zach just chillin with his toys.

We had another fun time together.

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Mirna said...

Wow Zack is growing up so fast! What cute kids. Grandma Andrea is pretty good looking to. Love ya all. Grandma S.