Saturday, January 9, 2010

2168 who do we appreciate????....Heather!!!!!!

We are SOOOOO proud of Heather. She ran her first half marathon today. She sprained her ankle last week and didn't think she would be able to run it. But....she has that stubborn streak she inherited from her mother and was determined to run it regardless.....and she made it!!!!!
Here we are waiting for her to come around the corner.....
Heather's number was "2168"....that's why the 2168 on the sign. How cute is Zach reading his book? I love this little boy.
Heather has been spotted coming around the corner, so we got in the street to root her on.....Go Heather Go!!!!
Here she comes with Amy and Emily as her supporters.
Haylee had to give her a hug as she runs on by.
And there she goes...... off to the finish line....with a VERY sore ankle.
Heather's fan club. We were all so proud of her. Thanks for taking the picture Emily. Emily was part of the fan club, she just took the picture for us.

Heather and Krista. They both work at In N Out'll notice their shirts if you look close enough.
Zach getting in on the loving.
Cute story: So, as the runners were running past us, I made the comment that I was so proud of them. I asked Erick, "Aren't you proud of them?" He replies with, "NO, I'm only proud of Heather!"
After the race, Heather needed some fuel. So, off to the newly opened Cafe Rio here in California.....oh yummy.

What an adorable face.

They have the best pork yummy.

What a great way to start the New Year Heather.
Now you can mark that off the list of things you want to accomplish in your life.
We are all so proud of you Heather.!!!!!!

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Mirna said...

That's awsome Heather! We're all proud of you!
What great pictures of everyone.
Grandma S.