Monday, November 16, 2009

Happy Anniversary Rick & Ali!!!!

I can hardly believe that it has only been 6 short years that Ali, Hayden and Haylee came into our lives. It seems like they have been a part of our lives forever. I say that in the most loving way. I truly feel so blessed to have such a wonderful daughter in law and wonderful mother to my four wonderful grandchildren. Someone who loves my son as much as I do, unconditionally. Thank you so much Ali for all the love you have brought into our family. They were lucky enough to get away for their anniversary weekend to Palm Springs. Heather was also lucky enough to be able to join them in the fun. Being the sweet, kind, caring sister, aunt, and sister in law that she is....she brought along the makings for a fun anniversary cake. The kiddos making the cake for their parents. This was the only picture Heather took that I could actually post....Erick was .... shall I say....all natural...and this is the picture that the box covered his goods. What a crazy kid.
Heather took some A-M-A-Z-I-N-G family pictures while they were there.
Aren't they such a good looking family? I just couldn't be prouder.
Heather got some of the cutest pictures of their fun weekend. I will be posting some randomly through the week. There are some really cute ones, so be prepared for some smiles.
I sure do love you guys.
Happy Anniversary, and I can't wait for many more ahead.

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