Monday, May 25, 2009

Yes, we have broken bones!!!!

I thought for sure Erick would be the first child to break a bone. Guess I was wrong. It was Haylee! She and Rick were rough housing and Rick tossed her off his back and she landed wrong on her wrist, and SNAP!!! We went to visit them on Saturday and I gave her a visor with some stickers to decorate. Here she is with her lovely creation and an adorable face to show it off with. Here is the before....I should have uploaded the pictures the other way....oh well.

Here she is with her broken wrist. I asked her if I could take a picture of her broken arm, and this is the look I got for the about silly!!!
Check out that face!!!

Here her and Erick are both dramaing....{is that a word???} it up for the camera. Silly, silly, silly kiddos. When the swelling goes down and she gets her cast, we will have pictures of the new cast.
Look for the next post where I will have adorable pictures of that little brother of theirs.

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Mirna said...

LOVED all the pictures!! Thanks for taking the time to keep us up dated on how fast they are growing up. Zack is growing so fast. Cute kids. That's because they belong to me to. Hugs from grandma S.