Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mother's Day Photos

How could I not have had a wonderful Mother's Day when I get to mother these 5 absolutely fun and loving kids? I couldn't imagine my life without these kids. They are my world!!!! There is nothing better in this world than that of being a mother!!! I LOVE being a mom!! Trevor, has been nominated as the designated BBQer. He did an awesome job again, as usual. Thanks Trevor. That's not a fun job on a hot day, so I really do appreciate you.
Amy snatched the camera and took a picture of herself and left me a little "message". I loved it.

I think these little toes are going to find themselves on my side bar as my favorite photo right now. How cute are baby feet?
Like I have said earlier in previous posts. I will never deny a photo opportunity with the kiddos. Haylee and Hayden were off somewhere else....
While Grandpa and I were at Target we scoured the dollar bins. We found some fun things in there for the babies. One of them was sidewalk chalk. We had fun outlining their bodies. You can see here Erick was spending the day in his undies....oh wait, what else is new???
Erick is absolutely in LOVE with Snow White. So while we were at Target waiting in line, I saw a Snow White toy....I won't use the term doll since it's for my grandson.....{big grin} you can see from the following picture...He LOVED it.
What an adorable face!!!!
It was a wonderful day. I came home from church to a dozen red roses from Heather, Trevor and Amy...a yummy smelling candle from Yankee Candles, and a fun container full of chocolate hugs and kisses. I couldn't have asked for a better day. Thanks kids for everything. It was wonderful.

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Mirna said...

Great Pioctures! Thanks for sharing them. Hugs and kisses from Grandma S.