Monday, March 16, 2009

Yep...another birthday at our house

Another child is another year older at our house. Crazy to think that my little Trevor is now 24 years old. Where has time gone? Didn't I just kiss his scraped knees better???? It's funny how I don't have problems getting older, but find it hard to have my children get older....what's up with that? Haylee being silly. Her and Erick helped put all 24 candles on Trevor's cake. Yep, we made him blow out all 24, none of this 2 candle business when I'm in charge of candles....{cheesy grin}
You can see he did get a little help from Erick.
His birthday was on Saturday, so he went to one of his favorite Thai restaurants in Hollywood....Toi Thai. You can see he had lots of friends and family to help him celebrate. This is only half of the group. You'll notice all the food is gone....that's how good this place is...yum.
Heather and Amy giving Trevor a birthday hug.
We all love you Trevor and hope you had a wonderful birthday. Next is Nicole, then Jeff and!!! We get to eat lots of cake and ice cream these next few weeks.

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Mirna said...

I sure do have good looking greadkids! Oh,Oh, I diden't know Nichole was having a Bithday? When is her's? Hugs from Grandma S.