Sunday, March 8, 2009

Life is good

I know and realize that the only pictures I have posted lately are pictures of my grandkids.....But why wouldn't I when they make faces like this? I love and miss these kids.
Can you tell I practically had to bribe Hayden to pose for this picture? He was not in the mood for his sister last night. Brothers!!!!!
Didn't have a problem getting him to take this one though.
The face of innocence.....just give them a few years....
I think last night I had more fun playing with Erick than I ever have. He wanted to show me his room. We ended up being in there for like an hour. We just played and cuddled and had fun. He is quite an entertaining little boy. At one point he looked out his window, I noticed the stars and commented on them. His reply was, "The stars are beautiful tonight!" The kid is 3 years old for crying out loud. I couldn't help but just giggle. He is so stinkin' cute with his big words he uses.
I had a great time visiting them last night. I sure do miss seeing them every day....but am so grateful they are still close enough to visit frequently!!! Enough said.

2 thoughts to ponder from those I care about:

Mirna said...

Boy Zack is sure changing fast, he isen't looking like a new born. But then he's now going on two month's. Cute cute, and more cute. hugs. Grandma S.

Tracy said...

You are a wonderful Grandma Andrea! I can't believe how much that sweet baby boy looks like the Thompson family!!